DIY cat face clutch bag

In one of my more creatively silly moments late last year, I thought about making a cat face bag. This is not a novel design, as you probably already know. Before I set about making a beta version, I scoured the interwebs for cat bags. The intention was not to copy but to come up with a design that is different.

My first attempt was a disaster but wonder of wonders, I persisted. I guess a cat face is motivation enough to keep going; I typically give up when my beta version doesn’t go as planned. An attitude that I need to adjust since beta is beta for a reason, y’know?

The final bags were quite the bestsellers at the Mercado Central bazaar last December. And because I’m always up for some fun challenge, I said yes to this Luna-inspired version.

That would be Luna from Sailor Moon.

The trickiest part of this bag is the face details. Good thing they’re the ones I have to sew first and I can get them out of the way before assembling the bag.

After that, the next trickiest part: the back zipper.

Have I mentioned how much I love this YKK zipper? The slider is quite classy.

On to the bag assembly, sewing the strap, and that’s it.

Here are non-talking cat versions:

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One thought on “DIY cat face clutch bag

  1. I really, really, really LOVE my cat bag! Hee and Alex saw me using it during the last BU, so she said she’s going to have a Luna bag made :D I was actually planning to surprise her with it by asking you to make it, but it turns out she already talked to you. So, sorry Alex. :D

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