fabric button bracelet

Put me in a room with cute fabric and jewelry findings and I’ll find a way to make… er… jewelry. The thing with me and making jewelry is that I can’t seem to do it properly using beads and other traditional materials. Perhaps I get overwhelmed with the seemingly endless design possibilities. Not to mention the many aesthetics that you can go for. Depending on the colors, bead type, or assembly you employ, your DIY jewelry can be quirky, cute, classic, or mod.

But when it comes to fabric, your finished jewelry will turn out, 90% of the time, in the kawaii shabby chic range. A great advantage for someone who tends to overthink jewelry-making (as evidenced by the first paragraph of this post).

My first successful fabric jewelry were these bow bracelets.

The second successful batch were these button ones:

I found my bezel trays in a local craft store, Cebu Hardware. Will talk about the store later.

Please help me greet the love of my cat hair-covered life, my forever crush and favorite artist, Uzi, a happy birthday.

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