this is not your average handmade book purse

And by that,  I mean it’s not made of an actual book. I’m sure you know what I’m referring to.

THIS book purse, however, is made of fabric and has a book design.

Inspiration came when I was trying to decide what to do with the leftover fabric from a recent jewelry organizer commission. I wanted to create another purse design that would somehow fall under “everyday things.” I like to sew purses of non-purse things, you see.

*will talk more about the clapper board purse in another post

I know I wanted to make some sort of a book purse but I was having a hard time with the final design. Following the printed cover route presented more problems than solutions. Firstly, I would not know where to have the designs printed. Using iron transfer doesn’t seem feasible. And IF I do have a printed cover design, it will automatically mean that I will use canvas and that doesn’t sound appealing. I wanted a dark-colored purse this time. I was also wary about printing somebody else’s book cover design.

The other day, however, I found myself eyeing my copy of Madame Bovary and this mint fabric. Classics + patterned cotton-linen? Perfection. And yes, inspired by those new re-designed classics that are quite popular these days.

The first step was embroidering the title plate. By hand because I don’t have a fancy sewing machine.

Freehand type because I was too excited to construct the purse.

The flat version is cute enough but I also wanted to see how the book purse will look when boxy (or more like a real hardbound book).

I LOVE the boxy version.

The next few days will be spent embroidering more title/author plates. Hopefully, they’ll be up on the shop soon.

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One thought on “this is not your average handmade book purse

  1. Soooo pretty! Dibs on being your first customer for this! To please make A Little Princess and The Secret Garden purses for me? And a clapperboard purse with the movie title Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? ^_^

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