my purse library is growing

I already told you about my new book purse design HERE. But because I love books and purses, I didn’t stop with Jane Eyre. There was no other choice but to sew more books.

SEW BOOKS. Ha! I love those words together and in that order.

Most of the fabrics I used came from WholePort. They sent me these patchwork sets of cotton-linen and they are absolutely darling.

The printed ones weren’t large enough to cover all parts of my book purse design so I paired them with the plains. ┬áThose turned out to be my favorites.

I have listed them over at my online shop, Thimblecap.

For a bit of BTS, here are some photos of how I took the product shots. We always have primed canvases because the boyfriend paints. I use two of those for photo shoots. Positioned facing the front windows, they are perfect for taking product pictures. I make these canvases work since a DIY light box would be destroyed easily by any of our cats. The miniature props are from my dollhouses.

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