saturday plans: sit on the iron throne

That’s right, this Saturday will see my behind resting on this here iron throne.

If ever it finds itself vacant and not hosting other guests of the Medieval Day, that is. The organizers of Medieval Day, crazy creative people that they are, have outdone themselves. They made this star of the Game of Thrones Tribute show and it’s looking mighty magnificent. Everyone who plans on going to the event has expressed excitement over this throne and possibly sitting on it for a second or two. And take photos, of course.

Because really, IT. IS. GLORIOUS. The best part? It’s a throne of toys!

Paling in comparison to the work of art above are some of the items I’ve made for the handmade fair. I made sure to focus on stamp printed fabric that most of the event-goers will hopefully appreciate. You know, geeky goodness and all that.

stark and targaryen sigil purses

darth vader purse

I also found about half a meter of khaki twill in my fabric cabinet and that led to some delicious stamp printing, too. They turned out so fantastic that I might just work exclusively with this fabric from now on. It’s not like I have pledged loyalty to canvas or anything, you know?

tardis purse and tote bag

mad hatter tote bag

For those who live in Cebu and want to catch Medieval Day, check out the poster below:

Iron throne photo credits: Happy Garaje

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