there was no sitting on the iron throne for me, alas

… because

1. I was too shy to have my photo taken while there were other people waiting for their turn,

2. I was also busy manning our booth, and

3. I was gripped by nostalgia when I saw our old university lobby that I didn’t grab the chance to sit on the throne before the event started.

I did, however, take photos:

*sigh* so near, yet so far

awesome people in awesome costumes

other handmade goodies (clockwise from top left): folk fiction bags and trinkets, chavelita doll keychains, more folk fiction trinkets, medieval-inspired merch and GOT postcards

some of the pieces from the Game of Thrones tribute exhibit (for photos of each artwork, check out Folk Fiction)


  • A nice young lady bought one of my purses. Said purse had the Skyrim logo stamp print. Before she paid for the purse, she showed it to her dad and explained that it’s for the brother; he plays Skyrim. The dad goes, “Skyrim? What’s that?”
  • I saw one of my college professors near the comfort rooms. I said hi and she asked me what was going on. We talked for a bit and I remembered what my mother always says about seeing her old students. She never remembers their names! “I bet you don’t remember me, Miss,” I said to my old professor with a smile. She smiled back and admitted that she didn’t. Ha!
  • Meeting these ladies:

chyrel (The Fiction I Live) and friend, gelai. photo taken by liezyl

  • Seeing friends, old and new.
  • These darling postcards of Johanna Deutsch artwork. They remind me of my two girl kittens, Ghost and Egg. Ghost would be the princess and Egg is the baby. Yes, yes, I am THAT kind of cat lady. 

  • Bazaars and festivals involving costumes are the best kind, we realized. Medieval Day was the first bazaar we joined where I didn’t have to turn to my Kindle or the jigsaw puzzle app on my phone to keep boredom at bay.


Thanks to everyone who dropped by! ‘Til the next bazaar/festival/handmade fair! 

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One thought on “there was no sitting on the iron throne for me, alas

  1. I’ve been on my toes trying to find photos of the Medieval Fair to see how the Iron Throne looks like. I didn’t know there would be concessionaires, lots of eye candies! *thumbs up*

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