so this is april

April started with a bazaar and shall end with one. The middle bit is currently drenched with rain, which is making me miss the place I grew up in. Homesickness is quite a lonely companion but thankfully, sewing is keeping me from inviting melancholia in and making full friends with it. I do have a bazaar to prepare for, as I mentioned three sentences ago. I find sadness to be an unwilling match for the sound of scissors snipping thread, the smell of interfacing fusing to fabric under high temperatures, and the comforting whirring the bobbin makes when winding.

Somewhat related to both bazaars and the rainy summer we’ve been having are the following new bags I made:

april showers tote 12

I call these April Showers bags, because of course.

DSC_3069 small

The sling bag version is my favorite. The flap serves as the cloud. The interior is unzipped but this bag comes with dual closure. The flap has a magnetic lock while the inside is secured with Velcro.

DSC_3063 small

The world isn’t so dreary when rain comes in lovely patterns and colors. I have a tutorial for the April Showers tote bag HERE, by the way.

I shall post more info about my next bazaar in the coming days.

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