toil, meream! toil!

And toil I did. Over the Labor Day long weekend, too. How apt, right?


The following are some of the items I stamped and sewed for various customers:

The Little Prince tote bag for a huge The Little Prince fan. I met the lady who commissioned me to sew this bag during the Medieval Fair. She was carrying a The Little Prince canvas bag then.
TLP tote

This Targaryen handstamped purse is also for her.

targaryen purse

And below is Artemis the cat. Artemis as in Sailor Moon. Do you remember the lady who commissioned me to sew a Luna cat bag? This white version is for her as well. Again, a huge Sailor Moon fan.



The weekend also saw me sewing these coin purses. These are birthday party giveaways. I made these for Zoe (of Zoe and Anais).

coin purses 1

So… er… This post is basically a “show and tell.” And while we’re at it, I want to say that I am currently accepting stamped coin purse commissions. They make for great giveaways!

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