witching hour decisions

It has been a little over a year since I decided to resurrect my handmade shop. The ride has been steady and fulfilling but at the back of my head, I was certain that I could do more. The answer came to us one restless 3AM (with the help of popcorn, I should add).

This leap happened right around my birthday. For the last couple of weeks, we have been slowly working on beefing up our plans with tangible and workable strategies. Our studio is currently littered with more than the usual amount of doodled receipts and calculations on random notepads.  There have been fist bumps aplenty, too. Yes, yes, we are dorks.

Today, we took the first concrete step into making this plan fly. Giddy!


DSC_3311 cover photo blk sm


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2 thoughts on “witching hour decisions

  1. Meream, go for it – nothing ventured nothing gained. You are a very creative person with great ideas and the world ahead of you.

  2. Stunning! Ciò che un Wonderful concept e rates nothing a all! Io incorporate un Albero di acero significativo within mio yard. Carusi be toward create People Rose up coming Tumble. Io think sarebbero ancora più bella blended con bacche versus attractiveness bush, primi hollies e probably alcuni Slide versus altri mazzi di / crops. Un lot di because of per condivisione vostra creative e just each a persona del responses artistic adottato report.

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