watercolor typography for the injured

Did I tell you the story of how I sprained my left wrist? You had better sit down for this, it’s a doozy. One afternoon, while the boyfriend and I were walking home from the supermarket, I decided to hang the lone plastic bag I was holding around my left wrist. The next day, said wrist was aching. I forgive you if you scoff. I really am that lame.

My wrist was not swollen or anything. My hand still had about 98% functionality.  And so I kept sewing and crafting; resting the wrist (which, really, was painful only 2% of the time) was not an option. Turns out, a sprain is not an affliction that one can work away, as I usually do with any form of illness I sometimes get.

And so here I am, taking it slow and doing something mellow. (But still rhyming).

There was no way I’d spend my resting days not making anything, though. And so I went back to watercolor.

 photo DSC_3934.jpg

 photo DSC_3906.jpg

You have probably noticed that I am focusing on typography. This is because I can’t paint everything else to save my life. Or I have no patience to make non-type subjects perfect in my eyes.

Besides, I actually rather enjoy these typography pieces. It feels good to finally have a medium where I can let my cynicism shine through.

 photo DSC_3915.jpg

 photo DSC_3925.jpg

 photo watercolor2.jpg

 photo watercolor3.jpg

Below is my favorite. Because teapot, and lovely color combo, and this is my jogging song.

 photo DSC_3941.jpg

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