digitizing stamps

I may not know a lot of things but I know this:

I will make until my last breath.

Which is why I grab any opportunity to learn something new, take what I’ve already tried to the next level, and share the joy I’ve felt from the act of making. Considering that I work from home and basically own my time, one would think that I would slack off a little bit when it comes to this making business. It is this very reason, though, that I do the opposite. I feel quite guilty about not creating anything when I have all the time in the world. The fact that we have transformed the living room into a proper/working studio also reminds me every day to hustle (i.e. not let the hands and imagination go idle).

With that said and all drama aside, I thought I’d share what I did early this evening. This is me hand-printing half of the stamps I’ve carved onto watercolor paper.


My ink pad was textile paint slathered onto neoprene foam.


Why did I do this, you ask? You see, this was the first step into digitizing the stamps I’ve carved. I have several hundred of these handmade stamps. These are perhaps the only things I’ve made that can also be used for making other things. So far, they have come handy in printing my own fabric (see HERE, HERE, and my shop HERE).

But with digitizing comes even more opportunities to be crafty. I actually already have an idea what my first projects would be and I am insanely excited to reveal it here.

But back to tonight’s shenanigans: after stamping, I washed the stamps and dried them on the window sill by our kitchen.


And here are the stamped watercolor papers on display. I printed each stamp at least twice in order to achieve different looks per design. It tickled me to see that no two stamps look the same, what with the distressed details and all.


And now we scan.


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