Maria Clara Watercolor with Papercut Frame

We were at Robinson’s the other day and we did what always do whenever we find ourselves at the mall: check out Booksale for great finds.  Often, we show each other books that we think are fantastic and discuss whether any volume should have a space in our bookshelves at home. During one of these discussions the other day, I chanced upon a beautifully bound book, The Great Chiefs. Upon seeing the cover, the boyfriend suggested that I do a project combining watercolor painting, papercutting, and calligraphy. I said yes immediately, despite having no idea how to go about it.

On our way home (with no new book under our name), he further suggested that I do Noli Me Tangere and feature Maria Clara on the cover. I loved the idea and for the last 12 hours, I’ve been busy sketching, painting, and cutting.

Finalizing Maria Clara:

I finished painting at around 2AM.

When I woke up this morning, I tackled the papercut details:


After doing the papercut border, I was ready to call it a day.

But the boyfriend wanted a more intricate look. And because I am always up for a crafty challenge, I added another layer of papercut leaves.

My first version for the book title was in script but I realized that Gothic will look much nicer. It’s shaky because the watercolor paper wasn’t smooth. I rolled with the supposed distressed style.

Also, the letter “A” should have an acute diacritic; I will add that later.

Here is Maria Clara:

And the final piece!

This could easily have been a 1-week project. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I get quite obsessive. The fact that I slept only five hours last night and I woke up rearing to tackle this piece right away is proof. Another proof: I cut the border this morning without a drop of coffee in me.  A miracle of miracles.

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