Thimblecap purse designs

Once we started printing our own fabric designs for purses and bags, we realized that there is no going back. The process has streamlined production and gave me an excuse to make something functional out of my illustrations.

I started with the upper left doodles below. At some point, I realized that it would help to have a size guide since we were going to sew purses in only three types: clutch bag size, pencil case, and coin purse. All three sizes can easily be accommodated with one pattern design filling an 8.5×11″ paper. So all subsequent pattern illustrations I made were done on short bond paper. Talk about convenient!

Before we started printing, we decided to stick to a particular palette for the ink. I did the following guide using gouache on canvas. Lots of cool blues!

Test prints were done on canvas using a lovely shade of turquoise:

The first purse I made from one of the test prints was the lovely thing below. At this point, I was still trying to decide what type of zipper and slider to use. Thick teeth + metal slider won “best combo” so I went with that.

We also had to stick to lovely Earth tones for the outer fabric of the purses. I spent many hours staring at thick fabric in shades of browns, grays, and beiges at the fabric store. Sales people were not amused.

But the purses turned out oh-so-lovely. I’m going back to buy more fabric so I reckon the sales people will be happier with me.

Right now, I’m working on printing and sewing more purses and pencil cases for the upcoming Gabii sa Kabilin Maker’s Market. Maybe I can make a bag or two as well if I can find time to work on a new pattern.

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