Thimblecap product tags

I have always wanted my handmade items to showcase a tag of my brand.  I had embroidered tags sewn to the lining of purses, sure, but I also wanted something that could be showcased  outside each purse. This was a goal that took a long time to come to fruition, alas. This was due to several factors, including:

1. I didn’t want the tag to show the brand name, THIMBLECAP. That’s just a tad too long for a purse.

2. I wanted the tag on cotton. No company in our city offers tag embroidery on cotton ribbon or similar material.

3. Embroidered tags cost a pretty penny.

4. We asked a printer friend how much they’d charge for printing logo tags for us. They never gave us a number and we got tired making inquiries.

So we went the DIY route:

I got this ribbon from Modern Best Modiste. It’s very similar to the printed ribbons sold in many craft stores. It even has that off-white tone that I found quite enchanting. I figured the color will complement our Earth tone fabrics and I was right.

The thimble logo is the ‘A’ in Thimblecap. I drew this thimble myself, by the way. I screen printed them in batches of two using brown ink. That may sound like a lot of work but it really wasn’t. I was able to produce the following in under an hour, cutting and folding included. The hardest part was keeping the printed ribbon flowing to the studio floor out of curious cats’ paws.

And here they are in action:

11143568_10205283484821380_4843192166810774900_n 11269515_10205283492421570_5674077561529073689_n

They give my handmade clutch bags a cute Zakka flair, which I really, REALLY love. They look perfect attached to the clutch bags but what I cannot wait to do is sew them onto tote bags. I bet they’d look incredibly cute.


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