dolls from kid’s doodles

Around the middle of May, I received a message on Facebook about making a set of dolls based on a kid’s drawing. I said YES right away. Little did I know that it was a project that will make me question everything I know about life.

*aherm* Dramatic Meream is dramatic.

The dolls, I was told, were a going-away gift for a Dad who was leaving the country for employment. This was one of the main reasons I said yes. Another was that I realized that it’s been so long since I made softies. Since the artist (the little girl of the 3-person family) often draws using only pencils and outlines, we decided to stick to a single color and running stitch design.

For my first attempt, I used flannel and stayed true to our planned 12-inch size. Big mistake. Flannel rips easily and the drawings didn’t give me room for easy stuffing, especially given the size. Also: necks are difficult!

Plan B involved the boyfriend making a quick run downtown for better fabric and for me to work around making the original drawings easier for softie-making. Slight changes were made, limbs were made less slim, and seam reinforcements were put into place. All symptoms of a flu were rightfully ignored.

I finished the dolls the day before the Dad’s flight. The flu has taken me hostage at this point but I did manage to fashion a drawstring bag for the set using the scrap flannel. Boyfriend came to the rescue once again by meeting up with the Mom to hand over the dolls. I was told they were a big hit.

All is well that ends well. Also, I should stick to “fat” softie designs from now on. Maybe even do squares only. Yep, like pillows. I know, I know, I’m a coward. And dramatic. But we already covered that.

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