loving february

Hello February,

You are the first month of the year that starts on a weekend and in my opinion, that makes you a topnotch month. There are many reasons why I love you but the best of all is that Craft 10 hits newsstands on the 10th and I have an article/tutorial in the issue. Are you excited? I am giddy, almost dying, with excitement.

Let me show you the cover of Craft 10. That’s the lovely and never-boring Amy Sedaris on the cover. She is an actress and author and sister of one of my favorite writers, David Sedaris. I think this is the first cover of Craft with a celebrity. Very cool.

And here is my tutorial! My copy of the magazine is still in transit and I hope it doesn’t get lost (like Craft 8 did booo). I got this image from the digital edition of the magazine.

And the lovely editorial assistant, Laura, sent me a widget (upper right corner of this blog, just under the SEARCH box) so that I can brag about this great thing more efficiently.

I hope the rest of your days are full of more exciting and wonderful stuff, February.



UPDATE: Sadly, Craft 10 is the last issue of Craft. So sad. Stupid recession.

6 thoughts on “loving february

    1. ate meam, when ni mu gawas? and where ma palit? well, di naka ma reach :D congrats to u! :)

      Thanks! The magazine is sold only in the US, unfortunately.

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