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  1. hi meam, may ann here…still remember me?heheh…

    musta na?

    i wanna buy one of your book bags please? hehe… i dunno what design i want yet but anything will do…everything, nindot jud..hehe
    palit ko ha? please…?!?

  2. meam, hi again…

    buy ko nimo stuffs hA? i like the sound of the pinafore blouses…hehehe

    can i buy one? please? hehe…kulit noh…thanks

  3. hello meam!!! I know familiar naka sakong name kay samukan man ko sa multiply, hehehe.

    I lurve lurve lurve your bags!!!
    that king arthur one and that one with the buttons =))


  4. alphae

    hey guys,

    sure you buy them book bags. :)
    just tell me what design you like and then i can meet you somewhere to give it to you. text me or email me.

    thanks for looking :)

  5. wow… I was looking through your store and I’m simply amazed! have you ever thought about making an online store of some sort? I bet you could make tons of money with all those designs!!

    just a fan,

  6. why, hello there! thank you for dropping by my blog, I just love crafty sites, I enjoyed my lil visit here, and I’ll be sure to check up on some more posts soon.. I so love crafts, too just wish I had more time in my hands like when I was single.. I miss making crafts! =) take care! keep up the great work. ;)

  7. hi… i love crafting too, and your site is so interesting.

    i love the book bags. if i buy one, where can i send the payment?


  8. Wow! “learn a new craft every year”. That’s a great way to live life to the fullest, I would say. I would want to try something like that; my only problem is, I have a short attention span, so will probably buy a bunch of supplies for different crafts and leave them at home untouched. -sigh-

  9. hello, its me again… I would like to inquire if you accept made-to-order bags?
    I have this bag in mind, I want to in a size that would be perfect for a 2-3 day get away.. A tote kinda style. I want it to to have three compartment. the center one is halfsize ra sa whole bag, to hold lang ID, mony, etc. and zipperlock. While the two other compartment are magnet lock and the whole bag is zipper lock…
    Ang base murag pede mabend pasulod so that dili cya bulgy if walay sulod or if gamay ra ang sulod.
    Ang bag pud tana is made of canvass with animated prints like the nurse tote that you had. Lavender tana ako gusto nga color…
    Is it possible for you to make it?

  10. Hi, there. I accidentally happened across this site when I did a Google search on the recent Artlink exhibit. And whoa! I was blown away by your guitar bags and that one camera bag.

    Any chance I can order one from you?

  11. Hi, there. I accidentally happened across this site when I did a Google search on the recent Artlink exhibit. And whoa! I was blown away by your guitar bags and that one camera bag.

    Any chance I can order one from you?

    Hi Van!

    My store is here: http://boredandcrafty.multiply.com
    You can check it for guitar bags. I will probably post them this weekend. There are other bags on my Multiply site, too.

    Thanks for the interest.

  12. Hi!
    this site linked automatically to my little blog and I decided to check out what it was about. My Blog is politic/analysis oriented, so it didn’t make much sense for me to find “bored&crafty” on my linkback list :)
    I am very pleased, however, to see such a young girl as yourself getting involved in activities like these and in such a creative way.
    It’s certainly refreshing.

    All the best… Clitemnistra

  13. wow!
    es increible ese bolso en forma de guitarra..
    realmente eres muy creativa!
    te felicito


  14. Hi i’ve known your blog for a while. I love seeing the different crafts you do. i was wondering if you could tell how to make the links and profile down the side of the page. I started a blog on wordpress but still trying to get my head around it all!!!!!:) (your help appreceited)

  15. Thank u so much 4 the great and helpful tutorials, also for inspiring us just by looking at ur wonderful works ♥
    Keep it always the great work ♥

  16. Hi Meream!

    I was reading an article on smosh.com and saw your very creative chandelier. I was so amazed i browsed your other crafts. Then, reading from the comments, some familiar language pops up, not just once but several times. So if its true and you’re Filipina, im very proud!

  17. Hello Meream!

    I was watching some DIYs in youtube and thought that i should try it, so i searched up where to find a craft store here in Cebu, and i found your website giving details as to where it is found. Thank you for posting up some pictures and areas on the map!

  18. I love your idea of making purse out of books I’ve read. They’re unique. Hope I can purchase one – I love “A Little Princess.” Please send me info on how much & what to do for the purchase.

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