it’s my birthday

I’ll wear sequins if I want to.

And wear sequins I did. Although, it was only a knitted sequined cropped vest.

What was I doing in a place that looks like a war zone? The boyfriend thought about doing a birthday birthday graffiti of some sort so there I was, in a place with four intact walls and floor that looked like it chews (but not swallows) concrete and coal for breakfast.

In other life-related news, did you know that April was (is) Stress Awareness Month? The funny thing about this is that I was VERY MUCH aware of stress this month. Let’s see, work piled up, website went batsh*t, got sick, and spent way more than I should have. I figured things will be all right after my birthday since there will only be two days left of April. But no, my laptop had to go and act all crazy. “Last minute insanity, Universe?”

I have sent the laptop to the computer doctors and hopefully, when it returns by the 4th or 5th day of May, things will already be looking up for me. I am tired of this month. I’d send this month off to summer camp so that it can build proper values if I could. Also, MAY SHOULD BE FAB, GUNDEMMIT.


Ohyeah, you can still enter my birthday giveaway, in case you missed it. See previous post.

i have achieved the impossible

No, I’m not referring to recovering a part of my database, sadly. I am talking about managing to create a living room in our teeny tiny apartment. In the middle of my “runny nose + slight fever” adventures a couple of weeks ago, I felt the urge to do an apartment overhaul, furniture arrangement-wise.

finally, something soft and comfy to lounge in

and right across the love seat (sweet, right?) is the polaroid wall. and right beneath the polaroids is the TV

I can’t show you a photo of our TV though because that part of our tiny living room is just sad. Makes me wish I’m somewhere in North America so that I can have access to the wonderful tv stands of CSN. One of the wonderful wooden ones they carry would be so cool.

While I sit here and dream, you get a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from CSN. You can use it to purchase an item from one of their 200+ stores! Such as a wall decal that would be so perfect right above the love seat we have. Again, sitting here and dreaming and being so jealous.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post (greeting me happy birthday. I KID!). This CSN gift certificate giveaway is valid only for US and Canada residents. Please write “USA” or “Canada” after your comment because…

I also have a giveaway for my Dear Readers in The Philippines.

Leave a comment here as well and you get a chance to win this jewelry loot:

a necklace I made myself

some of the brand new AVON accessories I scored last month on eBay - all unused, of course

So to recap this insane birthday post…

1.  For US and Canada readers – Comment and get a chance to win a $50 CSN gift certificate. Write USA or Canada after your comment to qualify.

2. For readers in in the Philippines – Comment and get a chance to win the fun accessories above. Write Philippines after your comment to qualify.

Winners will be picked randomly on the 14th of May.

we be an inked couple

Guess who got inked? And guess who’s swooning like a high school girl with a silly crush?

As can be expected, he is getting something metal. Metal as in related to music, in case you are as clueless as I am about these bands with growling singers. The design is based on THIS, which is a skate deck design the boyfriend himself made.

Now this really got me thinking about the back piece that I will get anytime this year (or before I turn 28 next year). I want something truly personal and can cover up the NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS tattoo that I have now. Something that will fit perfectly in this photo pool.  And yes, there is a deadline because the birthday next year is kind of a big deal. I will turn 28 on the 28th of April (GASP! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!) and I have this silly idea to do a 28-item bucket list. Getting a really awesome back piece is one of them.

Speaking of my birthday, please come back tomorrow because I will be doing a birthday giveaway. Because I love you so.

the word culottes used to give me nightmares

Until I met this  pair:

Let’s make a list of things I thought I would not wear but end up loving in the end, shall we?

1. Leggings

2. Culottes

How about you? What pieces of clothing you thought you’d never give the time of day but turned out to be favorites?

= 0 =

Crafted: Necklace

Thrifted: Culottes