first day high

In an unprecedented burst of can-do attitude, I said yes to an afternoon trip outside the city the first day of the new year. Together with most of the boyfriend’s huge family, I went to a nature theme park sort of place several towns outside of Cebu. After a week of almost-daily mall trips and a day battling a pesky bug (the medical kind), the afternoon was a most welcome reprieve.

bamboo bridges are no fun and fun at the same time


boyfriend's nephews: one didn't know they were going to zipline to the other island until the very last second. but he begged to go again after the experience.

"they're gonna attack us!" i said to the boyfriend when i noticed some sea birds flying low over the bridge. apparently, everything i assume i know about nature, i learned from movies.

CRAFTED: leather bracelet / THRIFTED: top, shorts / GIFTED: bag

PSA: We went to Papa Kit’s.