we be an inked couple

Guess who got inked? And guess who’s swooning like a high school girl with a silly crush?

As can be expected, he is getting something metal. Metal as in related to music, in case you are as clueless as I am about these bands with growling singers. The design is based on THIS, which is a skate deck design the boyfriend himself made.

Now this really got me thinking about the back piece that I will get anytime this year (or before I turn 28 next year). I want something truly personal and can cover up the NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS tattoo that I have now. Something that will fit perfectly in this photo pool.  And yes, there is a deadline because the birthday next year is kind of a big deal. I will turn 28 on the 28th of April (GASP! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!) and I have this silly idea to do a 28-item bucket list. Getting a really awesome back piece is one of them.

Speaking of my birthday, please come back tomorrow because I will be doing a birthday giveaway. Because I love you so.

the word culottes used to give me nightmares

Until I met this  pair:

Let’s make a list of things I thought I would not wear but end up loving in the end, shall we?

1. Leggings

2. Culottes

How about you? What pieces of clothing you thought you’d never give the time of day but turned out to be favorites?

= 0 =

Crafted: Necklace

Thrifted: Culottes

let’s blame ms. nicole richie

Because who else would I blame for my recent obsession with Gypsy dresses and tops?

“Waahh? What happened to your shopping ban, Meream?”

In my defense, all items I’ve bought since 2010 started were either thrifted or on sale.  I was pretty certain that going cold turkey, shopping-wise, was next to impossible so I settled with wearing nothing but items bought for cheap. But back to these Gypsy goodness and blaming Nicole Richie.

I love pairing them with short shorts, like she does here:

And  booties, like she does here:

Of course, flip flops and a gazillion accessories work, too. And now, we proceed to the search for that perfect gypsy maxi dress. Thrifted (a must) and perhaps in these colors:

if shorts were accepted school uniforms

Pedro would approve, yes ?

The shorts and blazer were bought on separate occasions. They are made of the same fabric and even though the blazer is a bit lighter in color, one can easily assume that they belong to the same set. So what’s a girl to do in order not to look like she’s wearing a uniform of some sort? Wear a wacky undershirt, that’s what.

If you love Napoleon Dynamite,  bob your head to the right. Now to the left. Right again. Okay, that’s enough bobbing.

= 0 =

Crafted: None

Thrifted: Shirt, Blazer, Bag