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fzzzzt bzztzzzt….

CRAFTED: empire cut dress / THRIFTED: white lace topper, white lace top, orange linen pants, blue dress worn as top, full skirt

*Note: That upper middle photo is a “imma go pee” pose. Priceless in the style blogging world, really.

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hide your wooden boxes

…because I will steal them and turn them into dollhouses.

For realz.

Look at what I did with the wooden package used for a tea set:


A few of the dollhouse pieces I got from eBay were in half scale. This was before I knew what scale to get and I was online shopping like crazy. The result: this music room.

A few of these are too large for the main pieces, I’m aware. (And I know that’s a butter churn). But let’s not focus on those funny details, shall we? It’s a make-believe world, anyway. Or so I keep telling my noob self.


  • piano bench from a domino piece and 4 black beads
  • guitar keychain from a souvenir stall (fact: my city is known for its fantastic acoustic guitars)
  • long table from more domino pieces
  • wall art made of more domino pieces
  • floor lamp made of thimble, wooden beads, and a wooden button
  • dismantled round table clock to skeleton key wall art
  • bird in a cage charm for erm…bird in a cage
  • script design FabriCraft and yellow lace for the walls

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feeling talkative today

Sweet Bethany gave me this award and I am incredibly happy to receive it. There are rules attached to this particular award but I feel like breaking them to give you 7 reasons why you should read Bethany’s blog. (But I’ll do that later when I finally do the many suggestions she has given me regarding my crafting projects. She’s creative, that lady.)

Ze rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

1. I suck at managing more than 3 accounts on the world wide web. Right now, the only accounts I can manage with a semblance of order are this blog, my personal Facebook account, and my Twitter. Everything else is gathering dust; when you add me up on my shop Facebook account, Tumblr, Craftster, LookBook, or Chictopia, you’d be greeted with cricket sounds. Of course, the fact that I also manage accounts for work restricts my social networking sites status.

2. I ruin surprises. There are two ways with which I accomplish this. First, by accident and the second is by acting like a child who will throw the biggest tantrum on Earth if she doesn’t get her way. An example of the first method: As many of  you know, my brain has become a dollhouse-crafting machine. One night, I heard the boyfriend mutter, “Oh, I’ve thought of something fun.” “What?” I asked. He answered by pointing to his monitor so I thought he was referring to his work. A few days after, he posted the Thimblecap drawing he made for me on his Facebook account. I “liked” the photo and followed it with an “Oh! I will make a mini-Thimblecap girl for my dollhouse!” My huge smile was met with a disappointed face. Apparently, he was planning the same thing as a surprise. He even checked out malls for possible Thimblecap girl choices. Poor guy.

3.  I often forget where I place my mobile phone. There was a time when my mobile phone was an appendage that no force of nature could take away from me. The case could not be further from the truth today. Now, I can go for days without knowing where my mobile is. When you send me an SMS, expect the magical creatures living in the bathroom sink/book depository or the crack between the bed and the bedroom wall to text you back.

4. I’m 27.

5. For the longest time, I had this dream about doing small-scale carpentry. Y’know, make wooden toys and hobbyhorses and wooden mobiles. Well, that dream was crashed when I made the meter stick bookcase for my dollhouse. While I love hardware stores, I admit that I don’t know what most of the items they sell are for. All I know is that they are shiny and I WANT THEM.

6. I wear size 6 (US) shoes.

7. I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately about wearing trench coats. Finally tried it yay:

CRAFTED: none / THRIFTED: button down dress worn as coat, pencil skirt

Phew! This took longer  than expected.

I now pay this award forward to:

Nori, Denise, Sophi, Myriam, Kathi, Jing, Abbie, Arianne & Bea, Roma, Iris, Roan, Ava, Psyche, & Gela.

Happy Monday!

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