When your life partner goes out for one of his walks around the city, you can only hope that he brings back something nice. I’m kidding. I never demand for the boyfriend to bring me back offerings worthy of the fairest of maidens.

A bag of used trinkets is enough for me.

He got these from a random sidewalk sale. When he presented them to me, I jumped like a loon. I even forgot that he also got me a new pair of flip-flops from the mall and I love me some new and soft flip-flops.

I will most probably use the Easter stuff for my mini cafe while the musical instruments are for a new music room. THIS is undergoing renovation because I will use the box for another mini scene. Which leads me to one thing I love about miniature dollhouse: they are never finished. You can add things or change a room altogether according to new ideas or newly acquired miniature goodies. And considering how my creative moments tend to trickle instead of burst, making (and updating and updating again) mini houses work well for me.

Remember this?

Here’s the latest look:

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in defense of my mess

You know how I’m a messy crafter? Or person, in general, really. I am messy because:

1. Cleaning up after myself interrupts a good crafting roll.

2. I am convinced that as long as I have a place to sit on, no place is ever really messy.

3. Sometimes, my mess is a starting point for something fun, crafting-wise.

Case in point:

I had a few bottles of nail polish on top of my desk due to a recent nail coloring session. I was just minding my own business, staring into space and all that when an idea decided to break my train of thought. This idea screamed “teapot lamp!” but the result wasn’t as pretty as I expected. Thanks to the mess of crafting supplies in my office, I found a cuter lamp idea. Besides, the shell will go well with the beach-y/boho feel of my miniature cafe. By the way, that drawer pull was the top part of a broken pendant. Yes, another fun product of having a messy room.

In case you have not noticed, this post is how adults who can’t resort to whining and stomping declare to the universe that they are not cleaning their room.