chipmunks and some fake lace

Today, I share with you some WTF moments from the last couple of weeks.

  • Yesterday afternoon, I received a group message on Facebook from a friend whom I have not seen in a couple of years. Her message: she’s tying the knot on the first of January and that our small college clique (5 girls) should attend. Naturally, I replied with “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!”
  • I had dinner with one of these girls last night. We discussed the surprise news, of course. I also shared a WTF moment regarding someone we both know. Someone who was romantically involved with me and who just found out that he has a 6-year old kid. My girl friend was all “What?! What?!” Hilarious.

This is what I wore to dinner:

CRAFTED: none / THRIFTED: gray dress

  • Before meeting up with my girl friend, I shopped for new pantyhose. I found a pair with pretty rose prints. The saleslady asked me if I will be using them for a dance number. I laughed. As the boyfriend said, people in this country think that anything other than shirts, jeans, and shoes is a costume.
  • I was polishing up a piece regarding taking care of hamsters one day when I realized that I look like a rodent. I was checking the photos and all the while thinking that they looked familiar. There was something about the big cheeks and tiny eyes… And then it hit me. “OH! I look like them!” I exclaimed to no one in particular. I sent an SMS to the boyfriend regarding said realization and he answered with a “Haha! Yes, you do!” He was not being mean, FYI. He happens to adore my big cheeks. They are unusually soft, my cheeks. Kinda weird and kinda fun at the same time.
  • Now I happen to like the fact that I look like a rodent. I don’t know why I do. Here I am with my posse:

i'm aware that these are not hamsters, okay?

teapot holiday: an update

No sooner had I pressed publish on the previous post than I felt the urge to go out and actually buy glittery things for my Christmas display.  What is wrong with me?

I am proud to say, though, that I spent less than P200 and I actually got me some pretty things. Also, I added more things to the display that were already in the apartment.

The whole thing looks like this now:

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