the couple that oinks together…

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like matching piggy banks.

Happy 4 years and 4 months to me and the partner in crime! And happy normal-day to you, lovelies! Or special day, if it applies.


Proving that I know nothing about “hooky” crafts, Jonette told me that the doilies for my miniature dollhouse are crocheted and not knitted. I blush in embarrassment. Thank you, Jonette!

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“Oh no! Not another dollhouse post!”

Oh yes, another dollhouse post. Can you tell I’m excited? You can’t? Really? Well. I’M EXCITED.

In fact, I’ve been making these:

Awww look at them sitting pretty on the table:

My non-working hours are spent making tiny accessories for the dollhouse. I reckon I will not “rest” until the dollhouse (and the furniture I ordered) gets here. But considering how Johnny Air has been a tad unreliable lately, I might have to wait a little longer. Iris can sympathize.

The knitted place mat is something Line made. They were attached to the gift box she gave me but, as you can see, I have other plans for them. Other things that I plan to make include mini versions of Bethany’s fabric wreath and Su’s puff light fixture. If it’s possible, I want to have wallpaper similar in style to the background of Violet’s blog. But I’m also thinking turquoise, much like Sam‘s old room.

I want the house to have the pretty and odd items that Persis writes about. I want it to feel homey; full of curious things much like the items Carole and Myriam find on their flea market adventures.


See how this turned into a linky love post? I’m sneaky, yes, I am.

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bed weather

I am aware that I was just complaining about the rain a few posts ago but we have kissed and made up. Seriously, how can you hate days that give you all the opportunities to stay inside and brew ideas? These days, my waking hours are spent finding ways to refashion items in my apartment into things that I can put in my dollhouse.

A few examples:

scrabble tile rack and wooden meter stick into shelves / totoro toy tags into wall art

Future purchases include a tiny saw and industrial strength glue. A trip to the hardware, hurray! There was a time when I was more excited about this type of shopping adventure than going to a thrift shop. Thankfully, it looks like I’ve rekindled my love affair for shiny and heavy tools.

Aaaaaaand a remix challenge update:


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