Bored And Cranky

Meream is currently out of town (her hometown. A place so remote, Google Earth doesn’t even bother to take good photos of it) and stuck there for a couple of days. She went there expecting she’d stay connected to the internet, as her parents promised, and be able to continue her work and monitor her blog.

What she didn’t know is that her parents still used dial-up internet access. LULZ.

She’s bored and cranky, alright. And she has no idea I hacked into her blog to post this.

I made a quick drawing for you, babe. I hope this cheers you up a bit.

- The boyfriend.

calendar girl

New printer + dingbats obsession + surplus of school supplies* = DIY calendar.

In all seriousness, though, I had to make this because calendar freebies from stores are fugly. Yes, they are. Most people (in my country, anyway) think that function precedes form when it comes to calendars. Can’t they see that a calender can add beauty to a home? Or that a calendar that bears the name of a hardware store/laundry shop/construction company is just bleurgh**?

I am kidding. Er…half-kidding.

*index cards

**not a word but it should be

a christmas confession

Not all outfits I post here are worn where I intend to wear them.

The plan was to wear this for Christmas lunch at the boyfriend’s place:

CRAFTED: skirt / THRIFTED: none

Unfortunately, after I took the photos, the boyfriend’s sister, nephew, and dad dropped by. I didn’t want them to think that I never change my clothes when I go out or that I prepare for what I wear a day in advance so I ended up wearing the following:


CRAFTED: none / THRIFTED: chiffon and silk top

Too bad these photos don’t show the shoulder bows of the top. What it shows, however, is a ┬ápossibly bulging tummy. Shame.

I mentioned in my last post that I am the only member of my family who did not enjoy a major purchase this December. That’s no longer true today since I got myself a new netbook. I have been a Windows XP fan for as long as I can remember but I am slowly becoming a Windows 7 girl. It’s sooooo pretty!

What didja get for Christmas, lovelies?