what the?

How is it that I’ve been doing a lot of things blog-worthy but I don’t have time to actually blog about them? The world is strange that way.

Sneak peek of a recent dollhouse project while I recharge:

And oh, outfits. Don’t judge. Y’all know you can wear jeans every day of the week.

CRAFTED: rosette ring, gold filigree ring / THRIFTED: plaid top, white lace top, black blazer, scarf

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on a roll

If you are tired of my dollhouse posts, I give you time to click that little X icon on the top right corner of this window. But if you happen to enjoy them, I got a treat for you!

And with this recent miniature project, I am now aware that the best thing since indoor plumbing is Elmer’s Carpenters’ Wood Glue. I keep gushing about it to the amusement of the boyfriend. Apparently, being the artist that he is, he is already aware of the wonders of Elmer’s Carpenters’ Wood Glue. It doesn’t bode well for him that he didn’t introduce me to this creamy sticky goodness much sooner. Or that he didn’t tell me he has a bottle stashed at his parents’ place before I bought mine. Tsk.

Back to the miniature showcase… What you’re seeing is a bookcase made of scrabble tile racks, wooden clips, and wood dowels. The spools are for presentation purposes only. Books and other non-crafty trinkets will occupy this bookcase while the spools will be placed in the meter stick shelves I made. The inspiration behind the spool decor is THIS.

Or I could go crazy and place spools EVERYWHERE. We’ll see.

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