Any day (or month, considering the lovely Postal situation we have here) now, my Sushi Break shirt from Design by Humans will arrive.

I’m a happy little girl, if you ask me.

Sushi Break was designed by the boyfriend.

Buy HERE if you love sushi or fun graphic tees or a classy gray+black combo. Or me. I love you too, you know.

my trip in colors (and a bundle of CUTE)

y e l l o w

clockwise from left: at the beach, at the beach again, at the old high school, mustard foursome at the old high school

g r e e n

clockwise from top left: tennis court, trees covering one side of the high school building, cliff angel at the beach, bottom of small elevated garden at the old high school

b l u e

clockwise from left: ferry terminal, cargo ship at the mactan channel, engineering building at the old school, marcelo fernan bridge

I also met this little guy:

When you feel that time is slowly stretching you in ways more agonizing than you’d ever realize to admit, all it takes is a baby with his charming smiles and adorable cooing to make you pause and just BE.

off to the province

By the time this post is published, I’ll already be on the road, heading home. It feels strange, going back. The last time I went home, it was for a grandmother’s funeral. If most of my friends make it a habit to go back to our hometown at least once a year, I can go for years without setting foot at the small place I grew up in. I guess it’s only typical since I grew up wanting to get out of there.

But it seems that with the evolution of my interests, I feel that going back to see the place with a new set of eyes is important. This year, I’m going back and play tourist. I will also check out the local thrifting spots.

Will be back Monday night. Will probably not be able to check in while I’m away. If I get a good signal, I’ll update my Facebook or Twitter. Add me HERE or follow me HERE. But only if you wanna.

Enjoy your weekend!

= 0 =

Travel Essentials

a. wet tissue / b. dry facial tissue / c. hair brush / d. eyeglasses / e. sewing kit / f. reusable shopping bag / g. moleskine for doodling and keeping tickets safe / h. mints / i. hand sanitizer / j. makeup stuff / k. mobile phone / l. wallet

Normally, I’d have a book in my shoulder bag when I travel. This time, I got a couple of ebooks in my mobile. Eases up the load considerably.

dressing up – a recap

And here are my top 5 favorite outfits  - November to March:

dress i made for watching Alice in Wonderland

wonderfully comfy and dotty thrifted dress + favourite red ballet flats
cut-offs and plaid intentionally (mis)matched with layered black pearls
dreary day uniform (side braid inspired by Annie Spandex haha)

leggings love ohyeh

So you will notice that I own only one pair of sunnies. That is probably one aspect of dressing up that I will not be extravagant with. You see, there is only one brand of sunnies that my eyes (and brain) like. Five years ago, I spent  two months trying out all brands of sunnies sold in my city and this proved to have the best lens. I could go thrifted and stylish now that I’m into the whole “I wore this today” thing but I’d suffer migraines. Can’t have that.

Incidentally (or not), I would like to reiterate that I will only do an outfit post if my outfit has something I thrifted or made. I’m finicky like that.

What are you wearing today?