mall boot camp

You know those towns in TV shows with town centers and promenades and parks? You know, places where people hang out to buy a few quirky things or perhaps get a bite to eat. Well, we don’t have those here. What we have are malls. In fact, our malls are pretty much the all-in-one go-to spots for just about everything.

Do you want to buy fresh fish? Mall supermarket. Do you want to hear mass? Mall lobby. Do you want to eat at a restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian and Mexican food? Yep, mall.

Which is why I found it surprising when I realized that I survived two weeks without stepping into one. When the boyfriend invited me to blow off a random afternoon looking at random stuff at the mall, I said yes right away.

I wore my current fave shoes. I met a cute pair of brogues/sneakers from Vans. I had a photo taken with the mall Christmas tree. I found DIY inspiration (i.e. this frame-turned-shelf at a home decor store that costs a gazillion pesos). I bought hooks. I panicked at the sight of teenagers at the arcade.

Good times.

CRAFTED: ring, bag / THRIFTED: long cardigan

And when we arrived home, I made a Polyvore set inspired by what I wore. Because sometimes, outfits look even more perfect on paper.

i have a mancave teehee

There is a section in our new flat that the previous tenant transformed into small rooms for rent. Each room measured about 1.5 x 3 meters. Instead of taking everything down when we moved in, we decided to tear down the division between the two rooms. The resulting big room is now my studio. Or as I like to call it, my mancave*.

Because really, this room is a mancave. It has no source of natural light.  I have seen stockrooms that looked better than this room. Thanks to a gallon of Jazzy Blue, I got myself a happy mancave.

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