shopping luck limit

I have mentioned here before that my shopping “Oh yes!” moments seem to have a discernible pattern. The most obvious is that I seem to find items with similar themes, designs, or usage in pairs. Read this to know what I’m talking about.

Over the weekend, I bought these:

These would be my very first animal pattern accessories. You may stone me for saying this but I don’t like animal print/pattern clothes,  bags, or anything. But since I needed ballet flats in red AND black, and these were sold at half off, I gave in. You may now put down the stone since animal print is turning out to be rather fun.

In fact, when I dropped by my favorite thrift store after getting the shoes, I was THIS close to buying a leopard print little girl coat. Let me repeat that: a corduroy coat in leopard print for a 4-year old.

Crazy? I’m aware. I even had this internal debate:

“Gaah, too cute! I’m having an animal print fix — MUST buy.”

“You already bought two pairs of animal pattern shoes. That fills your shopping in pairs quota. Besides, you don’t have a 4-year old!”

“I can give this to a friend who has a little girl. It’s still in excellent condition, it would be a shame not to get it.”

“Your friend might not appreciate receiving thrifted  gifts.”

“True. Well, I can always buy it for the future kid of my sister….”

It was then that I realized that I had to get out of there. Geez, who does that? Who thrift shops for someone whose existence is still under negotiations? My sister and her boyfriend are still discussing the possibility of them having a kid. “Discussing the possibility” for crying out loud.


book style 014

Where do your book shelves end and your closet begin? With book style, I take the colors, textures, and mood of book covers and transform them into outfits. Sometimes, I take elements from the story itself. Sometimes, I will come up with outfits that I will never dare wear (the ones with shoe heels that reach the sky, mostly). And perhaps, one day, we will find a way to make style resonate as loudly as the written word.

— 0 —

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Creating a beach look inspired by the Life of Pi seems rather wrong, isn’t it? It’s like locking up someone with arachnophobia in a room with one hairy and huge spider. I shiver at the thought.

Pi is a practicing Buddhist, Catholic, and Muslim. I admire that about him. And because he is what he is, he survived the days floating in the Pacific with Richard Parker. Now I am the last person who would ever relate to the incredible faith Pi has but I can very well relate to overcoming odds. And I guess I thought about a beach look for this particular book because wouldn’t it be brave to look open waters in the eye and look great while doing it?

In case you think I’m going crazy, I chose this book because it is a compelling story. And this look because I love blue and white and orange. And since most of you know already know where I stand about religion or spirituality, you might wonder why I like this book.  Let me just say this: I am not a biased fiction reader. I love all types on all sorts of themes. In fact, I love The Mitford Series.