holiday cheer

At this point in my consumerist life, I should already be able to foresee the many ways that our local Customs Department and Post Office can device to make shopping from other countries a huge hassle. I will spare you the details of their recent attempts at extortion. Let’s just say I was asked to pay more than what I paid for the item, including shipping. I answered with “Nevermind, you keep it.” I could’ve used more colorful words but they called me at 8 in the morning and the parts of my brain that produce colorful words were still asleep. Not really; I never use colorful words the way they were meant to be used.

The worst part? I have an old friend who used to work for the Customs Dept. He told me not to believe these rates they give and to just bribe the examiner. Whuuut.

Thankfully, we have Johnny Air. Johnny Air, the light of my life. Johnny Air, the air that keeps my online shopping life alive. With the help of their NY office, I got lovely filigrees from an etsy seller.

Then I made these:

Will post these for sale soon.

i wish for you

This season, I wish for you friends who know your style and shower you with gifts that will become wardrobe staples. I am blessed with a girlfriend who most likely telepathically knew about my Rachel Berry obsession. She gave me this adorable skirt.

CRAFTED: rings / THRIFTED: floral top / GIFTED: skirt

I also wish for you a significant other who is not entirely happy about your obsessions but cannot resist giving you a gift to add to your collections. Thank you, boyfriend, for my new favorite oxfords.


Lee gave me a Versatile Blogger Award (Thank you, Lee!) and I have to post 7 things about me before I can properly receive it. I am fairly certain I’ve done one of these “7 random facts” posts before…but who can say no to a bit of random almost-egotistical word vomit? Not I, not I.

So. Right.

1. My new style inspiration is Rachel Berry. Here is last week’s attempt at a Rachel Berry look:

CRAFTED: none / THRIFTED: green dress

2. My weekly dose of TV shows include Dexter, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Modern Family, Bones, 30 Rock, Community, and CSI: New York.

3. I don’t own a TV set. Thank goodness for the world wide web.

4. Speaking of entertainment, I am currently obsessing on a new Facebook game, CityVille.  *aherm* I need neighbors, please add me up. I give myself 3 months until I get bored of this.

5. Apropos to CityVille, I happen to like farming games.

6. Actual farming, however, is as foreign to me as doing a contortionist act in front of an audience. Nature and my skin are not friends.

7. I am not bendy.

And there you have 7 random facts about me. Should I now change my blog name to Boring and Crafty? Yes? Yes.

Oh, I now bequeath this lovely award to these “new” bloggers I’ve discovered: Lei, Lai, Roan, Ava, Sweet, Kym, and Charm.

Remember the rules,  ladies:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.