red, black, yellow

Wow, I cannot believe 2011 is about to end. And that next year, the world will end. Woot. I kid; I don’t think the world will end like that. This “end of the world” business is a gradual thing, in my opinion. Who knows, it could be happening right now. Or it started when Britney Spears shaved her head.

Sorry for the rambling nonsense. I intended for this post to  be happy because I was going to show you our Christmas decorations!

Random wooden rod + tinsel + Christmas ribbon + Christmas ornaments + black ribbon =

That shelf thing above the windows is one of the wall perches we had built for the cats. You may wonder if placing the Christmas ornaments near where the cats hang out is a good idea. My answer: It depends.

Snow doesn’t care about them, thankfully. Chino finds them boring as well. Ghost and I had a conversation right after I hung the decorations since she was sitting on that top perch. We had several exchanges of “No!” and “Meows,” which ended with her walking away. She’s a good cat. Egg, on the other hand, is proving to be harder to convince that the Christmas ornaments are boring things. Sadly, a stern “No!” sounds like “Let’s play” to Egg. I combine a “No!” with a finger wag, she stops swatting the ornaments, but this mischivious glint in her eyes remains. She’s a silly cat, Egg.

Update: We woke up one morning to find the decor about to fall to the ground. I blame Egg, of course. I have since transferred said decor to the door of the boyfriend’s office.

I had extra balls after I ran out of wooden rods so I placed them inside clear jars and displayed them near the books. The books’ spines are facing the wall because their colors and words are trying to steal the Christmas spirit.

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mall boot camp

You know those towns in TV shows with town centers and promenades and parks? You know, places where people hang out to buy a few quirky things or perhaps get a bite to eat. Well, we don’t have those here. What we have are malls. In fact, our malls are pretty much the all-in-one go-to spots for just about everything.

Do you want to buy fresh fish? Mall supermarket. Do you want to hear mass? Mall lobby. Do you want to eat at a restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian and Mexican food? Yep, mall.

Which is why I found it surprising when I realized that I survived two weeks without stepping into one. When the boyfriend invited me to blow off a random afternoon looking at random stuff at the mall, I said yes right away.

I wore my current fave shoes. I met a cute pair of brogues/sneakers from Vans. I had a photo taken with the mall Christmas tree. I found DIY inspiration (i.e. this frame-turned-shelf at a home decor store that costs a gazillion pesos). I bought hooks. I panicked at the sight of teenagers at the arcade.

Good times.

CRAFTED: ring, bag / THRIFTED: long cardigan

And when we arrived home, I made a Polyvore set inspired by what I wore. Because sometimes, outfits look even more perfect on paper.