fabric art

When I bought the Tina Givens fabric I gushed about here, the plan was to use it for making something, well, big. What I ended up doing was use it for not-exactly-big projects. I made a clock, a laptop sleeve, and a portable hard drive case. I also used it for making a yoga mat bag and a mobile phone case for two clients.

Today I have about a meter of the fabric left. I am saving it for a project. Don’t ask me what because I don’t know. The pretty design is left unappreciated in my fabric shelves, though. So I thought about doing an embroidery hoop wall art sort of thing.

Here is what I came up with:

I know, I know, this will look better if I have at least 8 hoops in varying sizes up on the wall. Give me time, okay? Embroidery hoops are goshdarn expensive in my country.

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sinulog yay!

What is Sinulog, you ask? Kindly check THIS and THIS. This year, it will take place on the 16th.

Ohyes, it’s very Catholic. But the city becomes this big music/art/food festival the whole Sinulog weekend so it’s great fun. Speaking of music/art/food, the boyfriend will be participating at the Sonic Boom event (to be held on the 15th at the Grand Convention Center). If you are from Cebu, please drop by.

This year, the first ever Thread Fest will happen, too. This adds apparel to the music/art/food combo mentioned above. And the shirt below (designed by the boyfriend) will be available for sale. Also at the Grand Convention Center, FYI.

I’ll see you there!

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Book Style 014

Where do your book shelves end and your closet begin? With book style, I take the colors, textures, and mood of book covers and transform them into outfits. Sometimes, I take elements from the story itself. Sometimes, I will come up with outfits that I will never dare wear (the ones with shoe heels that reach the sky, mostly). And perhaps, one day, we will find a way to make style resonate as loudly as the written word.

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The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials is one of the most beautiful trilogies I’ve ever read. The series is something that I will not soon forget; my life is fuller because of it. I have been thinking about doing a Book Style post for one of the books long after I finished reading them but I had a hard time choosing the cover or what scene to depict using fashion.

Last night, while the boyfriend was away and I felt just a tad sad because of his absence, I thought about Will and Lyra. And then I thought about how they promised to “meet” at the University of Oxford botanic garden every midsummer until the day they die. Because I’m a sap, I teared up a bit when I re-read about their promise. And because I’m a sap, I have created here outfits that I imagine them wearing on the 5th year of their midsummer meeting. They will be 18. Will will be wearing a compass necklace to remember Lyra by. Lyra will have a cat top on because she misses Kirjava, Will’s daemon.

They will sit, Will in this world and Lyra in hers. And perhaps one of them will try to say something about falling in love with someone else. Or perhaps they will still feel as strongly for each other as they did in the woods near the Mulefa’s camp. After one hour, they will stand up and go on with their lives. A little sadder but a little stronger.

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