inventory of sorts

I thought I’d tell you what the items in my “30 for 30 Remix challenge are. As per my blog style, I shall be writing only the crafted and thrifted items on each outfit caption so you might be interested in this inventory of sorts.

(I ask myself, “why would my lovely readers be interested? This only shows that you have lots of thrifted items. Some of them might even finally see the obvious truth: THAT YOU’RE POOR.” Well, now THAT’S interesting.)

* thrifted blue floral dress, DIY dress, thrifted black dress, thrifted blue maxi dress, thrifted gray faux lace dress, thrifted white lace dress, thrifted black shirt dress

** thrifted black lace skirt, thrifted full skirt, thrifted bossini pencil skirt

*** thrifted white cropped button down top, mustard two-button jacket, thrifted plaid top, thrifted black curdoruy jacket

**** j.crew gray ruffle top, j.crew yellow shirt, miles to go long top, thrifted floral button down, black tank top with crocheted back, thrifted stripes top, thrifted white lace top, thrifted xhileration green cardigan

***** thrifted linen pants, gifted terranova jeans

****** white gladiators (itti, local brand), black snake skin ballet flats (b club, local brand), gray/mocha Oxford shoes (tonic, local brand), thrifted leather boots, camel boat shoes (celine, local brand), black/white brogues (pink duchess at

I shall leave you pondering my poverty (or cheapskate-ness) while I run off downtown to shop for craft supplies. Yes, I can still shop for craft supplies. I think.

UPDATE: Thank you for the well wishes on my “30 for 30 Remix” adventure. I needed your words of encouragement, you have no idea!

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all titles, no content

I have several titles perfect for this post.

  1. channeling my inner 50s housewife
  2. yellow under yellow
  3. mustard is the color of my year
  4. the day i posed twiddling my fingers
  5. sucky apartment lighting
  6. 1 outfit, 4 roses
  7. my legs are not spotty, FYI (see title suggestion #5 for reason)
  8. my first “30 for 30″ look
  9. yes, that’s a stuffed mouse
  10. my boss got me an expensive watch
  11. d&g time watches are assembled in my country, apparently
CRAFTED: rose ring, filigree ring / THRIFTED: bossini pencil skirt / GIFTED: d&g watch

or the 12th possible title: the day a friend gave me the cutest teapots

Or pitchers? Thank you, Line!

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