where the shopping money went

A week into this challenge and I already have a certain amount of extra money sitting idle. Now if I were sane, I would be saving this until the challenge is over and buy myself the most expensive pair of shoes available in the city. Perhaps five pairs. Or even a bag. Or the whole Sandman series.

But no, I went ahead and used it for crafty endeavors.

I mentioned here that my first project for the year would be redecorating the miniature craft room I made a year ago. I lied. My first projects were a couple of overdue sewing commissions. But the next would be the miniature craft room (FINALLY!).

The drawers and table I ordered off eBay arrived weeks ago.  I then realized that they are for 1:12 dollhouses while the old miniature sewing machine I have is in a 1/2″ scale. I also bought a lot of vintage dollhouse pieces from the US and they were on a 1″ scale. (Somewhere along clicking eBay listings of miniature furniture and accessories, I took a crash course on dollhouse scales and construction.)

This was the old plan:

post-its where things should be. i can have my own home design show now.

But that’s no longer feasible because I will be needing a bigger “house.” So I got myself a real dollhouse, a DuraCraft Sweetheart Cottage. Again, a vintage item off eBay US. Of course, I also bought a 1:12 scale sewing machine because the old one won’t do.

In three or so weeks, I’ll be well on my way to creating a perfect, albeit miniature, library and craft room. Yes, we’ll be having a library now since the dollhouse kit has two floors and 4 rooms.

The boyfriend kept shaking his head at these recent purchases but in reality, this house can last me decades. It will be a perfect addition to this little home that is already bursting with curious things. And let’s be honest, he’ll probably have more fun assembling the house than I would.

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happy weekend!

Today, the boyfriend is now as old as I was when I met him. If that sounds confusing, here’s a simpler explanation. I am five years older than the boyfriend. I was 23 when we started dating. This is not a big deal, really, because I look like a high school kid and he looks older than his age. The last statement is not a diss, by the way. That’s the last thing I want to do since it’s his birthday.

Photos from the birthday dinner last night:

white meat for yours truly
bestseller, the brian's ribs (if you're in cebu, drop by Casa Verde to enjoy a plateful of these babies)
restaurant with vintage knick-knacks i want to shrink (and put in my dollhouse)

And what I wore:


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