math over ballet

Am I testing the limits of pattern-mixing? Or just too lazy to use a different bag?

CRAFTED: bag, bronze filigree ring / THRIFTED: none

We already know the answer to those questions but my laziness has nothing  to do with the story that comes with this look.

The prickly yet smooth texture of tulle and its unique scent — those are some of my earliest memories. I was three when my sister took ballet lessons. From twirling practices at home to dance recitals, I was her two-legged, rubber sandal-clad tail. I even mimicked her, trying the poses the best way my short limbs would let me. These memories could probably only fill a 1-minute time capsule; the most vivid is of me toddling quite clumsily in a sea of pink tutus. It was a dance recital and I was the little girl who invaded the stage before curtain time. It was no more than 5 seconds of feeling the tulle against my cheek and shoulders and touching pink leotard here and there. I don’t remember what happened next.

Perhaps this is why I was drawn to sewing at an early age or why I’m a fabric addict now. I can’t be sure. What I’m sure of is that these memories made me buy this  ballerina-inspired dress. The upper part feels a lot like the wonderfully colored leotards my sister used to own.

When it was already my turn to take after-school lessons, my parents considered the piano. Sadly, the teacher they had in mind died. And so I took Math lessons. And learned to not like it. Such is life.

the world is flat

This year is huge for me in so many ways. This year, I have finally accepted that I will live and die wearing flat shoes. And whenever the boyfriend asks me if I really need more flat shoes, I will just answer him with “But I will live and die wearing flat shoes!” Makes for some compelling domestic conversation, doesn’t it?

As you can see, I prefer flat shoes for reasons other than my inability to walk in heels. Flat shoes are just darn easier to store! This, of course, will work only if you have size 6 shoes or smaller. Another bonus is that these gray drawers are ALWAYS on sale at this local hardware store. In fact, I will be buying another set very soon because these babies arrived in the mail last Thursday:

custom made brogues in pale pink and gray

Courtesy of Pax of Archive Clothing. They are oh-so-lovely and fit just right!

PS. The title is bull-doody, of course.

PPS. While I was writing this post, my boyfriend was re-reading theories on existentialism and scientific determinism. Was I bothered by this cerebral imbalance? Him reading philosophy for pleasure while I ramble on about material possessions? Heck no. I know enough about existentialism to know that I will find my essence in SHOES!

PPPS. I am giving this pair of maroon dotted flat shoes to the first size 7 commenter who is 1) from the Philippines, and 2) leaves her shipping address with her comment. These have never been worn (because I’m a 6). I got them from eBay. Shipping is on me! These babies are goin’ home to Charm!

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