and so it goes

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I’d give it a go. I was tagged by the ever so lovely Jing. Update: turns out I was tagged by the funny and gorgeous Catherine, too.

Why did you create the blog? I bought a sewing machine. I started sewing things. I wanted to share the things I made and WordPress looked fun. But in all seriousness, I had a Multiply blog back when Multiply was still appealing to personal users and not to sellers. Boy, that was one angsty blog. Before that, I kept journals. Circa 1988, I doodled on the back pages of my books. Basically, I’ve always kept records of whatever it is I do. And so it goes.

What kind of blogs do you follow? Pretty, funny, and visually appealing blogs. I am big on eye candy.

Favorite makeup brand? I like this lesser-known brand called Opal for my eyeshadow. Maybelline for mascara and blush.

Favorite clothing brand? I’m neither picky nor loyal. Besides, one can’t really stick to a particular clothing brand when one favors thrift shopping. Or sewing one’s own clothes. And I can’t say I like the clothes I make because that’s just arrogant.

Your indispensable makeup product? Nivea lip gloss.

Your favorite color? Green as this shirt and blue as the rosettes. I love mustard, too. I also like pink and turquoise and black and…well, I like almost all colors. I’m easy to please in the color department.

CRAFTED: silver filigree ring, scrabble tile ring, rosette pin / THRIFTED: skirt

Your perfume? Much like Jing, perfumes give me migraines. On some days, I just use a cologne from Bench or Penshoppe. They are local brands.

Your favorite film? Amelie.

What country would you like to visit and why? Greece. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to go there.

Write the last question and answer it yourself:

Name one habit you wish you didn’t have. Online shopping. Or shopping in general. I have an eBay tab opened while writing this post. *sigh*

Continuing this blog “getting to know” you circle, I tag Aileen (House of Isla), Abbie (Abbie’s Purple Room), Arianne and Bea (A+B in the Sea), Myriam (Myriad of Mischief), and Roma (Roma is Love).

this is real

I don’t read fashion and beauty magazines. I do, however, watch Gossip Girl when I have the time. (Don’t judge). This show gives me my dose of weekly self-esteem torture. It works just as great as a fashion magazine, if you ask me. Every episode of that show makes me wonder if Serena and Blair are really well-dressed 24-7. Or if they sweat. Also, are they impeccably dressed when they work out? More importantly, do they sweat when they work out?

Because this is what I wore when I duked it out with the elliptical machine last night:

Yes, that would be my thrifted Tsumori Chisato dress with Chuck Taylors. No designer sweat pants or anything like that because frankly, I’m too lazy to change into exercise clothes. Does that really matter when you work out in your own home? As long as you have comfortable clothes on, you’re good to go, right? Right?

I can explain the Tsumori Chisato dress, though. We just arrived from a fro-yo date and I was too lazy to change clothes before doing cardio. And no, I did not wear Chuck Taylors to the date. I am not that adventurous.

So as it stands, I am too lazy to be part of the Upper East Side. Oh well.