rearranging some letters

When we’re not at a craft fair, we usually display the THIMBLECAP logo up on our studio wall. You can see it clearly in this photo:


A few hours after the photo above was taken, the sign met its demise. Two cats in pursuit of a lizard were responsible for the sign’s end. Said felines took it upon themselves to climb the wall, ala Jason Bourne, to catch the lizard. The THIMBLECAP sign shed several of its letters on the way to the floor. I sighed. It’s impossible to get mad at cute cats. Especially when they complain to you about lizards that smartly evade their enthusiastic hunting.


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doodles to dolls

Around the middle of May, I received a message on Facebook about making a set of dolls based on a kid’s drawing. I said YES right away. Little did I know that it was a project that will make me question everything I know about life.

*aherm* Dramatic Meream is dramatic.

The dolls, I was told, were a going-away gift for a Dad who was leaving the country for employment. This was one of the main reasons I said yes. Another was that I realized that it’s been so long since I made softies. Since the artist (the little girl of the 3-person family) often draws using only pencils and outlines, we decided to stick to a single color and running stitch design.


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basic papercutting workshop II

I am teaching another BASIC PAPERCUTTING workshop this weekend. This will take place on the 2nd day of the Gabii sa Kabilin Mini Maker’s Market.

Click on the photo below if you wanna play with blades and paper with me.



You may also check out CRAFTCEB for other  craft workshops that might tickle your fancy. For now, we have classes scheduled for this weekend. Next week or so, we are hoping to add sessions for the upcoming months. Exciting!

Don’t forget, the Gabii sa Kabilin Maker’s Market is happening this Friday and Saturday. Shopping hours on Friday is from 6PM to 12 midnight. On Saturday, the booths will be open from 12noon to six in the evening. See you there!

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