commissions and such

These days, commissions involve sharp knives and ink.

I have started accepting stamp commissions.  I made a THANK YOU and a brand name for a lovely lady who also sells handmade. She wanted the words to have a freehand calligraphy look.  I got carried away and wrote other things, ranging from inane to inspirational.


The boyfriend’s sister also hired me to papercut angel wings. Fifty pieces! Oh, the aches my wrists and back complained about! But it’s all good, the wings turned out super adorable.


Right now, we are preparing for a 30-pc screenprinted coin purse commission. The design will feature this little lady wearing her high school uniform.


Fact: Most high schools in the Philippines require their students to wear a uniform. Mine was a sky blue skirt with white short-sleeved button down blouse and a bow by the neckline. On Wednesdays, we wore a pink version. It was not an ode to Mean Girls, alas. We wore pink on Wednesdays to celebrate women and homemaking.


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cut and paint and write

We were at Robinson’s the other day and we did what always do whenever we find ourselves at the mall: check out Booksale for great finds.  Often, we show each other books that we think are fantastic and discuss whether any volume should have a space in our bookshelves at home. During one of these discussions the other day, I chanced upon a beautifully bound book, The Great Chiefs. Upon seeing the cover, the boyfriend suggested that I do a project combining watercolor painting, papercutting, and calligraphy. I said yes immediately, despite having no idea how to go about it.

On our way home (with no new book under our name), he further suggested that I do Noli Me Tangere and feature Maria Clara on the cover. I loved the idea and for the last 12 hours, I’ve been busy sketching, painting, and cutting.

Here was the initial sketch:

Finalizing Maria Clara:

I finished painting at around 2AM.


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