tutorial: sleepy cat pocket

There is a noticeable lack of dressmaking in this house. What with shop production and orders, it looks like I have been making nothing but purses for months and months.  While I am more than ready to dive head first into making dresses again,  a voice in my head is telling me that I should take baby steps. Because 1) I have not decided what to make first and have been vacillating between dresses and skirts, 2) I may not have enough fabric for a nice dress (or skirt), 3) I feel like I should lose several pounds first before sewing something to wear, 4) I am not sure if I could finish sewing a dress (or skirt) with so many items to make for the shop, and 5) I have been questioning my twee taste in self-made dresses (and skirts).

Such drivel for an issue that should really not be an issue at all. I KNOW.

But I did take baby steps and yes, said steps took me right to the twee direction. *sigh*

The pocket is cute, though, so no regrets. And I provided a tutorial and free pattern so I hope you forgive the drama above.

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free stamp pattern: valentine’s day tea (or coffee) for two

I don’t do holidays but I do use them as excuse for crafting adventures. Case in point: this Valentine’s Day stamp.

Won’t this be cute for a handmade Valentine’s Day card or note? Stamp on a piece of paper, scribble an invitation for a coffee or tea date, and send to your crush. Only a coldhearted human being could possibly say no to that. Or you know, somebody who’s already taken. That’s a possibility, too.

Check out the free pattern below:

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