katha magazine is the one

I’ve had this blog for many years. Half the time, I complain about how living in The Philippines is not all sunshine and daisies for a crafty person. Take the lack of local publications on crafting, for example. You take what you can with any issue of Martha Stewart that reaches our shores, but really, these are never enough. Thank goodness for the creative geniuses behind Katha Magazine.

Katha Magazine is a local online publication that showcases many of the country’s creative sides.


Last weekend, they released their latest issue, Local Colors. Yours truly was honored to be part of this issue. Here was my feature.


I’m pretty sure I meant to to say “I craft for coffee and cat food money,” though. Haha!

This post is not about me or my feature, though. It’s about how Katha Magazine deserves to win the The One category of the Globe Tattawards. Because it is one thing to inspire people and completely another to inspire them TO MAKE.

You can vote for them HERE.  You can vote for Katha Magazine either via Facebook or Twitter.


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thimblecap has joined the assembly

And by that, I mean THE ASSEMBLY, ZeroThreeTwo‘s store.

My items, however, will not be listed on their online shop, but in the physical one. Which is really all sorts of exciting because I can now say that Thimblecap has penetrated the mall. *squeeeeeeee*

The Assembly by ZeroThreeTwo is located at JY Square Mall in Lahug. It’s right between LBC and Watson’s.




Here are the items I have on display: DSC_4598

The stack at the bottom are notepad purses.


And a photo of me sewing the items above, during that one stormy last week:


Aside from The Assembly, I also have purses on display at The Chillage.

As I type this, I think about the many ways with which we can expand the reach of Thimblecap. I am imagining days of working my butt off, lugging materials around from downtown stores, drinking a gallon of coffee each week, and pretty much loving every single step. Insert second delighted squeal here.

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anthill x thimblecap

Something awesome happened early this year. I was able to do a design collaboration with ANTHILL!


Anthill is a social enterprise store in the city. They are one of the few places in Cebu where one can soak in culture and style. Not only do they support local communities and help spread the beauty of Philippine-made fabric, they also support independent makers. I’m just a girl with some stamps and it was incredibly thrilling to have been able to work with Anthill.

I was given several meters of neon weaves in four colors and had a crazy, good time. ‘



We used travel and crafting-themed stamps. The name of the finished items: Passion Pouches.


Shop HERE.



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