fabric button bracelet

Put me in a room with cute fabric and jewelry findings and I’ll find a way to make… er… jewelry. The thing with me and making jewelry is that I can’t seem to do it properly using beads and other traditional materials. Perhaps I get overwhelmed with the seemingly endless design possibilities. Not to mention the many aesthetics that you can go for. Depending on the colors, bead type, or assembly you employ, your DIY jewelry can be quirky, cute, classic, or mod.

But when it comes to fabric, your finished jewelry will turn out, 90% of the time, in the kawaii shabby chic range. A great advantage for someone who tends to overthink jewelry-making (as evidenced by the first paragraph of this post).

My first successful fabric jewelry were these bow bracelets.

The second successful batch were these button ones:

I found my bezel trays in a local craft store, Cebu Hardware. Will talk about the store later.

Please help me greet the love of my cat hair-covered life, my forever crush and favorite artist, Uzi, a happy birthday.

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DIY rubber stamps I

My name is Meream. You may call me One Who Hoards Erasers.

I am back to carving a stamp a day hurray!

I have missed the calmness and purpose that come with drawing using a sharp blade. And if there are two things that I need most this year, it would have to be calmness and purpose.  Here’s to hoping that I come out of this with the knowledge of my life’s grand design and with an unwavering peace of mind.

And if that’s impossible, at least I am hoping to be a master at wielding an X-Acto knife. That should be a useful skill.


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baby in the brain

We are a family of four. There’s my mother, father, elder sister, and me. Next month, our family will have a new closely genetic addition; my sister will be having a baby girl.

You have no idea how excited I am to be crafting for a little human. And a girl at that!

For now, the following are serving as inspiration for the things that I want to make/sew. Aren’t they adorable?

Do you have a go-to pattern for babies? I’d love to know some of your favorites!

DIY cat face clutch bag

In one of my more creatively silly moments late last year, I thought about making a cat face bag. This is not a novel design, as you probably already know. Before I set about making a beta version, I scoured the interwebs for cat bags. The intention was not to copy but to come up with a design that is different.

My first attempt was a disaster but wonder of wonders, I persisted. I guess a cat face is motivation enough to keep going; I typically give up when my beta version doesn’t go as planned. An attitude that I need to adjust since beta is beta for a reason, y’know?

The final bags were quite the bestsellers at the Mercado Central bazaar last December. And because I’m always up for some fun challenge, I said yes to this Luna-inspired version.

That would be Luna from Sailor Moon.

The trickiest part of this bag is the face details. Good thing they’re the ones I have to sew first and I can get them out of the way before assembling the bag.

After that, the next trickiest part: the back zipper.

Have I mentioned how much I love this YKK zipper? The slider is quite classy.

On to the bag assembly, sewing the strap, and that’s it.

Here are non-talking cat versions:

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