stampin’ and paintin’

A little over two weeks into my watercolor typography phase and I’ve just made the whole thing even more fun to do. I added stamps into the mix.


Since I have many stamps that can be grouped under certain categories, this new endeavor is pretty easy to do. I have lots of sewing-related stamps in similar sizes so I started with those.


The pictures below show my process.




The IN proved tricky so I did it last.



I used the same stamps to do my niece’s name. My niece, by the way, is the bomb. She is so, so heavy but it’s okay ‘coz she’s goshdarn cute.


I’ve been playing with the composition and color combos. So far, I like the ever-reliable black and red.



less snarky watercolor typography

It turns out that there is a limit to the number of snarky water typography pieces I can make. This likely means that I am much softer than I had imagined. This shouldn’t bother me but somehow, it does.

But it doesn’t take long for me to get over things that bother me. I always go back to things I love. Such as:

Also, a favorite daily to-do:

And, indirectly, the following:

For those who are not from Cebu, the words above are names of street food. The past week has been spent mainly for tweaking and reviving this local lifestyle blog that I manage with friends. It’s called Hanging Rice and it’s loads of fun to take care of. Come visit us, if you have time!

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watercolor typography for the injured

Did I tell you the story of how I sprained my left wrist? You had better sit down for this, it’s a doozy. One afternoon, while the boyfriend and I were walking home from the supermarket, I decided to hang the lone plastic bag I was holding around my left wrist. The next day, said wrist was aching. I forgive you if you scoff. I really am that lame.

My wrist was not swollen or anything. My hand still had about 98% functionality.  And so I kept sewing and crafting; resting the wrist (which, really, was painful only 2% of the time) was not an option. Turns out, a sprain is not an affliction that one can work away, as I usually do with any form of illness I sometimes get.

And so here I am, taking it slow and doing something mellow. (But still rhyming).

There was no way I’d spend my resting days not making anything, though. And so I went back to watercolor.

 photo DSC_3934.jpg

 photo DSC_3906.jpg

You have probably noticed that I am focusing on typography. This is because I can’t paint everything else to save my life. Or I have no patience to make non-type subjects perfect in my eyes.

Besides, I actually rather enjoy these typography pieces. It feels good to finally have a medium where I can let my cynicism shine through.

 photo DSC_3915.jpg

 photo DSC_3925.jpg

 photo watercolor2.jpg

 photo watercolor3.jpg

Below is my favorite. Because teapot, and lovely color combo, and this is my jogging song.

 photo DSC_3941.jpg

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