zazzle has made my stamped stationery dreams come true

The gist of this post is pretty much stated in the title. For a bit of background, I am in the midst of a daily stamp challenge. Well, I was but the challenge had to be put in the back burner for a bit; I plan to take it up again when the new year starts. There is nothing like horrific events, holiday gift commissions, and bazaar preparations to remind me that I have only two hands and that I need at least six hours of sleep every day.

But back to the Zazzle bit. One of my goals for carving stamps was making stationery, wrapping paper included. I was given a chance to play with Zazzle’s printed products and I jumped in armed with my stamps. Look!


and then there was mat board

One of the creative geniuses I look up to in the miniature dollhouse world is Kris of 1 Inch Minis. Go ahead, take a look at her blog. I will wait.

Ridiculously talented, right? And oh, what an inspiration when it comes to miniature mat board dollhouse furniture and accessories.

I have been following her blog for a long time but it wasn’t until last month that I was able to buy mat board in my city. This wasn’t for lack of effort, I tell you. I asked several framing stores if they can sell me mat board but was always shooed out with pity. A couple of weeks ago, though, in one of our random trips to National Bookstore, I found myself at the arts & crafts section. I bent to look at some paintbrushes and right beside them were pre-packed mat boards.

The heavens opened and angels started singing.

Naturally, I got several packs. Came home and attempted to make miniature dollhouse furniture.

This is a simple coffee table. I’m not as patient as Kris so I pretty much just winged the process. This was my first attempt and I figured I’d just see how it goes.


i tip my thimblecap to you

Here are some of the items that my sewing machine and I have managed to churn out the last couple of months.

I have only six of these Peter Pan collars. They are reversible, with one side in dark floral and the other in black silk. Two have black satin ribbon closure while the rest come with snap buttons. The ones with snap buttons are embellished with pearl buttons on both sides.

And these adorable bow bracelets are… well, adorable. I did a bit of redesign and came up with a sturdier band (thanks to two layers of interfacing). I used ribbon clamps on both ends instead of the old tiny D rings as well. They’re still adjustable and will still look cute paired with any outfit.

Shop handmade:



Enter code “freethimble2013″ to enjoy FREE SHIPPING when your purchase reaches P600. That’s six bow bracelets, some to keep and some to give to girl friends.

write a letter in your purse

You probably know by now that I can never resist a good snail mail inspired design. Anything vintage-like and distressed will immediately take up a special place in my heart. This probably explains why I live in a not-so-new house, loves to thrift shop, and have been consistently pining for a vintage Singer sewing machine.

This also explains why I had to make these postcard purses when I was given some snail mail design heat transfers: