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Summer is in full swing in my little tropical city. Between around 8 in the morning until dusk, I can hear kids playing on the street fronting our house. Yep, it’s summer all right. Ranging in age from five to pre-teens, these little humans stay oblivious to the unforgiving heat while playing traditional games (e.g. patintero, hide-and-seek, etc). That alone is enough to make me smile but sometimes, they shout out truly uproarious things.


Girl to her friends: When I grow up, I will be rich and have a twin and I’ll be mean to her just like in that telenovela.


Girl to boy: You’re not playing. You don’t have playmates. You’re only playing on your phone.

Boy: But I have games.

Girl: Yes, but THAT is not fun.


Another girl while playing “teacher:” Listen! Okay, 4 + 4?

“Students:” Eight!

“Teacher:” WRONG!

I just about fell to the floor laughing to that last exchange. The “teacher” was so sure that her students were wrong. Kids can be hilarious, especially on days when you want to distract yourself from this crazy summer heat. Which is why I am loving PLDT Home DSL’s new star, 7-year old Diego. Check out the TV advert HERE.

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curses them coin purses

If I were to jot down notes about our bazaar participation experiences, one of the sentences that you will likely see is this:

People like to buy tiny and affordable things.

Vague? Well, in my experience as both buyer and seller, items that are small and cost less than a hundred pesos are often bestsellers. Think trinkets and cutesy stationery and other somesuch merchandise.

Which leads me to the recent additions to the line of products we often sell at bazaars. Coin purses!


These are roughly 2 by 3 inches. The designs above showcase the skull coffin logo of Black Bile. Below are some of the newer ones I’m making for the Soak Music & Arts Festival this Saturday.

coinpurses small

The designs, by the way, are stamped. This means, of course, that not only do I love the fact that these coin purses sell well, they’are also incredibly fun to make. I enjoy every process, from stamping the design to the actual sewing. I may have mentioned here in the past that I do not like sewing small things but those that involve zippers are the exception.

So to recap: Small and affordable things sell well at bazaars. Sewing small things isn’t so bad when there is zipper involved.

 Also: The content of this post is in no way implied in the title. I just needed a word that would rhyme with purse and also be alliterative with coin. 

UPDATE: Here are the finished coin purses:

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little miss

Something that I thought our family of four would never experience happened last February: we have an addition in the form of a baby human!

Yes, I said NEVER. I knew that having kids is not for me even at the age of fifteen. Somehow, I influenced my sister and she and her boyfriend went for more than a decade child-free. But plans change and now we have a Little Miss (who looks a lot like me *aherm aherm*).


So far, I have not been working hard at keeping my promise to make things for her. I have made her several blankets, this roly-poly dress (not this super cute gingham she’s wearing, sadly), and a mobile.



But now that she’s old enough for visits to little old Aunty Meream’s house, we can go ahead and start sewing/making cutesy things together. She even comes ready with her very own pin cushion, look!

mayaI kid, that’s not a pin cushion around her left wrist. That’s a plushie that makes sounds. But in my head, it’s a pin cushion and it’s a sign of things to come. We are sure to have many crafty adventures together, I am sure. I apologize for the blurry photo. She’s very good at that “shake limbs constantly” thing that babies do.