WORKSHOP: Rubber Stamp Carving

I will be holding a rubber stamp carving workshop on the last Saturday of this month. It will be at A Little Piece of Sky Cafe, Guadalupe.

Here is the poster for more info. And the sign-up form is HERE.
workshop poster small


Okay, now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s scream. AAAHHHH!

I am terrified-excited (tercited?) about the whole thing. I have had countless requests for sewing lessons. While I am a LEEETLE bit inclined to teach, there is always the problem of lugging around a sewing machine out of the house. So rubber stamp carving.

To be honest, teaching a rubber stamp carving workshop is something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time now. In fact, I already have a lesson plan in my head! Yes, a lesson plan. And on the 27th, we test if it’s effective, this lesson plan I concocted.


Okay, enough screaming. Again, the sign-up form is







The second installment to our crafty wear series is a tribute to Black Flag. THIS is the first.

It turned out delicious.




I admit that I had reservations about the shirts when we got them from the printer. We said we wanted white shirt but we got them in heather gray. But when I tried one at home, all reservations went out the window.

I’ve been using my shoulder bag a lot these days. It’s perfect for craft supply shopping, see:


These Black Thread goodies are available HERE.