on a personal note

This blog is far from being an online magazine of any sort but you probably have noticed a decrease on personal ramblings on this wee virtual space lately. This was something that I consciously decided to do because I wanted to put wider focus on my crafty adventures.

But I will put this blogging rule on the wayside for a bit to ask for help. As you probably already know, Central Philippines was ravaged by the strongest tropical storm to ever hit landfall. Central Philippines is where I live, where most of my relatives live. My parents live in the city that the winds and storm surges practically flattened. I wasn’t able to contact them for two days after the typhoon hit and they were, honestly, the most horrifying two days of my life.

I originally wanted to recount my experience but I realize that my horrifying two days are nothing compared to what the other victims are going through right now. My parents are okay. They have access to other towns and have support from other relatives living in the same subdivision. Their house still stands. Sadly, there are more than half a million people who have been displaced by the storm and they still need assistance.

HOW TO HELP: UNICEF, OXFAM America, Philippine Red Cross, British Red Cross, American Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, World Vision, Shelter Box, Habitat for Humanity

Thank you.

(PS- Thank you to those who emailed me to ask how things are.)

great gift ideas for the crafty friend

A.k.a. – Things I Have on my Holiday Wishlist

I know some of you ladies have a good amount of crafty friends and here are some gift ideas to consider for Christmas. Nothing like online shopping to take your mind off stressful things (e.g. passing out because of flu dizzy spells), right?


two firsts in one

It’s been quite a skully month here on the blog, eh? Blame it on Halloween and our local clothing line’s (Black Bile) close ties to said holiday and all things ghoulish.

Last Saturday, I joined my very first art exhibit. The event was hosted by our brand. Which, of course, makes me joining the exhibit not that big of a deal; I participated in a “space filler” capacity. However, it was a first and the date was marked in my head.

This was my entry:

I tried papercutting, which was also a first for me. One would think that I’d stamp the skull template and that is what I did, initially. But a night before the exhibit, I felt this itch to make something new. Being high on coffee at midnight can do that to you. So I replaced my X-Acto knife’s blade, did a bit of Googling on papercutting designs, doodled on the template, and cut away.

After a couple of hours, I concluded that I enjoy craft projects that involve the use of a sharp craft knife. I want X-Acto knives for fingers. I want to be called Meream X-Actoknifehands.

Here are the other entries. These were made by local artist friends; some also own indie clothing lines, others are top-notch graphic designers and illustrators. The boyfriend’s work is the one to my skull’s right.

You can view slightly bigger versions of their skulltastic artwork over at our Facebook page: BLACK BILE.

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DIY filigree rubber stamp

One of my many reasons for doing the daily stamp challenge was being able to print my own shirts. It was only several years ago that apparel with adorable tiny prints (e.g. swallows, cats, owls, etc) became trendy. As per usual, I wanted to catch the tail end of the bandwagon when I started to carve stamps.

But I was already almost halfway to the challenge when I finally made a stamp design that I was happy to print on a shirt. Here is that design:

This skull, by the way, is inspired by a Pottery Barn Halloween product. I was browsing their store when I chanced upon this pillow case:

Gorgeous, right? I made a similar lacy skull design on tracing paper. My version was smaller, of course, since my erasers measure only 3 x 1.25 inches.