toil, meream! toil!

And toil I did. Over the Labor Day long weekend, too. How apt, right?


The following are some of the items I stamped and sewed for various customers:

The Little Prince tote bag for a huge The Little Prince fan. I met the lady who commissioned me to sew this bag during the Medieval Fair. She was carrying a The Little Prince canvas bag then.
TLP tote

This Targaryen handstamped purse is also for her.

targaryen purse

And below is Artemis the cat. Artemis as in Sailor Moon. Do you remember the lady who commissioned me to sew a Luna cat bag? This white version is for her as well. Again, a huge Sailor Moon fan.



The weekend also saw me sewing these coin purses. These are birthday party giveaways. I made these for Zoe (of Zoe and Anais).

coin purses 1

So… er… This post is basically a “show and tell.” And while we’re at it, I want to say that I am currently accepting stamped coin purse commissions. They make for great giveaways!

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hi, my name is

You what’s one thing that’s also VERY important when you join craft fairs/bazaars? Business cards. And do you know how long it took me have official ones printed? TOO LONG. As in “after five fairs/bazaars” long. I used to give my customers sheets of paper home-printed with my contact details. Oh, the shame!

Okay, there is a reason for the delay in printing the official business cards. Make that about a dozen reasons. I had no idea whether I wanted to represent Bored & Crafty or the handmade shop, Thimblecap. And don’t get me started on the design, font, background color, and layout.

It only took me over a year but I finally had some made. I love them; so crafty and cute.

crafty business card 2

crafty business card 1

crafty business card 3

The upper part of my business card showcases a painting by the boyfriend. The original can be seen in one of our bazaar displays HERE. It is too large to scan; to be able to work with it digitally, we took a nice photograph. We erased the wood background on Photoshop:

crafty business card 4

I played with the placement and colors of the business card before I settled with the vintage-looking final design. Because I am the biggest noob that ever noobed, this took me about three days. I change my mind a lot.

crafty business card 5

Fonts used: My name – Arno Pro | Contact details - Champagne & Limousines

We couldn’t bring the painting above to our most recent bazaar so the only way to go was to make a tarpaulin. A tarpaulin can be rolled while a painting can’t, you see. I did the design myself and yes, this took me a gazillion years, too. But once I settled on the vintage label idea, things fell into place. The inspiration were deliciously darling packaging of vintage sewing supplies. You know, those cute packaging for needles, sewing machine oil, etc.

soak 6

The background is Pantone 7475 C because my tarp has to have a background in the teal family. It’s imperative.

crafty tarp 2

Fonts / images used: Thimblecap – Arno Pro | Ribbon label and frame around sewing machine - KG Flavor and Frames Five | Handmade whimsy – Pompiere | Antique sewing machine – Graphics Fairy |

got soaked at SOAK

Got soaked in art and music, that is!

Heh. The higher the temperature, the cornier I get, apparently.

Last Saturday was the first ever SOAK Music and Arts Festival. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first of its kind in the city. There are many events just like this in other parts of the country and I’m glad the idea has been introduced to the Queen City of the South.  Because music? Good. Art? Gooooood. 

soak 1

soak 5

soak 4

soak 3


The event was held at the Family Park. I grew up in this park. I came to the city for college when I was 15. The malls were too far from our apartment and to be honest, they weren’t my thing. But this park was only a 5-minute walk from where we lived. I enjoyed coming here on my own to draw and just look at the trees. Or draw the trees. Funny memory: I was drawing some of the trees one time when a family (dad and his two sons) came over to ask me what I was doing. That scarred me for life. It made me realize I do not like to create with an audience. 

But it felt great to be back.

Here was my display:

soak 6

There were no tables provided so we improvised. And in the process, I realized that displaying my handmade items this way is actually better all around. We don’t have to lug around a lot of things; only one cylindrical bag for the rack and tarpaulin stand and another bag for the items. More people also actually came over to check out the purses/bags due to the arrangement.

soak 7


Not related: It’s my birthday today! NEW YEAR. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. No, I shall not start writing in all-caps this year. 

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