two firsts in one

It’s been quite a skully month here on the blog, eh? Blame it on Halloween and our local clothing line’s (Black Bile) close ties to said holiday and all things ghoulish.

Last Saturday, I joined my very first art exhibit. The event was hosted by our brand. Which, of course, makes me joining the exhibit not that big of a deal; I participated in a “space filler” capacity. However, it was a first and the date was marked in my head.

This was my entry:

I tried papercutting, which was also a first for me. One would think that I’d stamp the skull template and that is what I did, initially. But a night before the exhibit, I felt this itch to make something new. Being high on coffee at midnight can do that to you. So I replaced my X-Acto knife’s blade, did a bit of Googling on papercutting designs, doodled on the template, and cut away.

After a couple of hours, I concluded that I enjoy craft projects that involve the use of a sharp craft knife. I want X-Acto knives for fingers. I want to be called Meream X-Actoknifehands.

Here are the other entries. These were made by local artist friends; some also own indie clothing lines, others are top-notch graphic designers and illustrators. The boyfriend’s work is the one to my skull’s right.

You can view slightly bigger versions of their skulltastic artwork over at our Facebook page: BLACK BILE.

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the noose collection

Early this month, the boyfriend moved his office to the living area and we transformed his old space into a workshop. Said workshop now houses our tools, the cabinet for the cats’ litter box, and everything else that two “makers” use for… er… making things.

In the process of transferring our supplies to the workshop, the boyfriend chanced upon my clips. He hinted that having clips as many (and as varied) as I do is bordering on certifiably mad. To which I replied, “What? You can’t have too many clips!”

 photo 4.jpg

A week or so after that conversation, production for the latest release of Black Bile commenced. Aside from making the neckties, I also took care of the packaging:

 photo P1120459.jpg


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