i tip my thimblecap to you

Here are some of the items that my sewing machine and I have managed to churn out the last couple of months.

I have only six of these Peter Pan collars. They are reversible, with one side in dark floral and the other in black silk. Two have black satin ribbon closure while the rest come with snap buttons. The ones with snap buttons are embellished with pearl buttons on both sides.

And these adorable bow bracelets are… well, adorable. I did a bit of redesign and came up with a sturdier band (thanks to two layers of interfacing). I used ribbon clamps on both ends instead of the old tiny D rings as well. They’re still adjustable and will still look cute paired with any outfit.

Shop handmade:



Enter code “freethimble2013″ to enjoy FREE SHIPPING when your purchase reaches P600. That’s six bow bracelets, some to keep and some to give to girl friends.

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traveling these days

If it weren’t for commissioned work, my life would be bereft of any signs of travel.

A week ago, I journeyed through time and space:

Three days ago, I was here:

Yesterday, I did some sightseeing here:


And this afternoon, I drank coffee and fell in love with Italy.

In reality, though, I haven’t been out of the city this year. *sigh*

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handmade and the city

My dear Philippines has many wonderful crafters. I have interviewed some of them for the blog. We also have our fair share of handmade supporters. While we may not be very progressive as far as independent shopping is concerned, many people here do appreciate uniquely designed and lovingly handmade merchandise. Fantastic for a handmade seller like me, of course. And even more fantastic? We are seeing many e-commerce platforms that cater to handmade crop up.

One of these is PHINDIES. Theirs is a unique platform, giving buyers a chance to buy handmade items at a discounted price but only for a period of seven days.

This week, I am one of the featured sellers over at PHINDIES. I am selling my rectangular corner tab pouches at a discounted price of P120 each.

Choosing “lokal” is always a good idea. Choosing 100% handmade? Even better.


Check out the pouches HERE. And while you’re there, get to know the other amazing handmade sellers that have been featured on PHINDIES as well.


Thanks for your support!


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