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cebu city craft guide: metro ayala

Once in a while, I find cute fabrics in my sad, little city. Examples:

These are designer fabrics and they rarely reach our shores. But once in a while, Metro Ayala offers them for sale. And that’s what we will focus on for today’s Cebu City Craft Guide.

LOCATION: 5th floor of Metro, Ayala Center Cebu. Not from the city? HERE is its own entrance in the mall.

HOW TO GET THERE: This one is easy because Metro Ayala is an extension of the Ayala Center mall. You take the escalator to the 5th floor and right by the kitchenware section, you will find fabric heaven.


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cebu city craft guide: familia house

I woke up quite early yesterday. And before my lazy behind could protest, I stepped out of the house to go downtown and replenish my crafting supplies. I did everything without the help of coffee and was back in our house in less than an hour. Sometimes, I surprise myself.

Inspired by this unplanned shopping journey, I thought I’d do several posts on the best places to buy crafting materials here in my city. Hopefully, this will also answer some of the questions I often get about where to buy sewing or crafting supplies in Cebu.

But first, a few photos of downtown Cebu:

 photo dt1.jpg
 photo dt2.jpg

For today’s Cebu City craft guide, we head on over to Familia House. We start here because this is where I bought most of the supplies I needed yesterday.

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