blistered feet are happy feet

Well, no, that’s a lie. Blistered feet are blistered feet are blistered feet. And they hurt like a hell.

But it’s okay if you got blistered feet because you spent an afternoon in a happy place. Last Saturday, I went with the boyfriend and his family to Mountain View Nature Park. While we left the resort just before dusk and we didn’t get to enjoy the city lights, it was still a fun ¬†afternoon spent climbing 400+ steps (thus, the blistered feet) to a rope course, swimming at the pool under friendly clouds, eating comfort food, and watching Last Resort. Yeah, I brought my netbook and watched the latest episode. I HEART Scott Speedman.

If you find yourself in my fine city, going to Mountain View is highly recommended. Weird animal and human-like statues aside, this place offers loads of fun for the whole family. Just, you know, wear comfy footwear.

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