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The previous post includes a photo of my craft room/office.

The Little Sis of My Sister’s Pantry left this comment: Thank you for showing your REAL crafting area – i.e. one that looks like you actually work in it instead of one that you just finished redoing for Pinterest. So many craft areas that I see, I’d be afraid to cut anything for fear of getting little pieces on the perfect table.

I laughed out loud. And laughed some more. Because she spoke true. And the sisters are hilarious.

Which leads me to the question that had been gnawing on my mind for many years now. A question about what I’m doing wrong (or not doing, for that matter) because my house never looks like the ones shown on other blogs, Pinterest, or magazines. I am aware that these photos show 80% styling and I guess I can try harder in that department. But in my world, functional trumps stylish. Whether by accident or through sheer laziness, our flat will never be picture-perfect. It can only be lived-in. And I guess I’m okay with that.

I’m also okay with showing you more of my craft room/office.

When you enter my craft room and look to the right, you see this:

  • This is the top of a shoe cabinet that I use to store supplies. Most of my dollhouse items are inside this cabinet.
  • Items with double asterisks are basically trash. I simply still hold on to them because I have convinced myself that I can still use them for a project.
  • Not labeled are the two piano pouches in front of the boxes. They will be included in a future giveaway. Soon, I hope.
  • The necklaces to the lower left will be posted for sale on the revamped online shop.
  • That other yellow bowl has random stuff: paper clips, feathers, a box of matches, a small ceramic saucer.
And right beside the cabinet above is the sewing table:

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cheap craft supply storage

  • Plastic basket for zippers. Cost: P120 or about $3

  • Empty coffee canisters (We love Folgers) for organizing various craft supplies and tools. Cost: FREE

  • Glass Christmas tree cookie jar for storing spools of thread. Cost: P100 or around $2.50

Don’t you just love cheap things that you can use for organizing more things? What do you use to store your craft supplies?

Speaking of storage and organization, a sneak peek of my next DIY:


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