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tutorial: DIY simple sling shot bookends

The rainy season is back in full force to my little tropical country. Because of the near daily onslaught of rain, my top concerns these days include how to react to flooding and wishing that I can do nothing but read all day.

I can’t exactly do the latter so I settled on making nifty bookends. Using sling shots!

slingshot bookends 5

This DIY, by the way, is a part of my Crafting with Childhood Toys series.

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tutorial: DIY floral plastic animal toy jewelry

Farm animal toys are sold by the pack. So after I turned the poultry into rocking thingamabobs, I still had several left.

Ta-da! Floral Horse and Aztec Goat!

My post introductions have gone downhill ever since, well… Okay, they’ve never been up the hill so let’s just stick to the DIY. This one, as you can see, is another from the Crafting with Childhood Toys series. And oh-so-easy to do!

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