doily it up?

I have always been attracted to things that are delicate and feminine but minimalist. A plain chiffon skirt paired with a plain top. Stationery with graphite style monogram and delicate flourishes. A slim hairpin holding up a loosely tied chignon.

It’s not surprising then that I hoard tiny paper doilies. And that I melt at the sight of paper doilies paired with jute twine and/or brown paper/box.

images {1, 2, 3, 4}


Inspired by the looks above, I decided to use paper doilies for my handmade-shop-related adventures. Here are my attempts:

I feel that these are still lacking something, though. Who would have thought that achieving that perfect fusion of understated and ladylike is hard?

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tutorial: falling petals jewelry

While lusting over classy jewelry on Etsy, I came across metal earrings in a petal chain style. Lust turned to love. Due to budgetary constraints and shipping limitations, I decided to try to make jewelry similar to the pair I saw. I used satin rosette petals (because I’m drowning in ‘em satin thingies).

Materials: jump rings, a pair of earring hooks, satin cut in oval or round shapes. You will also need a candle and scissors.

1. Make sure that the satin pieces for either ear are somewhat similar in size or shape. Singe the circumference of said pieces.

2. Fold in the middle and make a tiny round cut using your scissors.  Still holding the folded piece, place it near the flame to singe the hole. BE VERY CAREFUL.

3. Your first petal should have two holes, located in the south and north sections. The bottom petal should have only one hole, by the top.

4. Make a petal chain using jump rings.

5. Attach to the earring hooks.


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tutorial: how to make a satin rosette belt

I’ve come to a point in my crafting life where I prepare materials for several projects but never actually finish anything. And when I say prepare, I am not talking about choosing fabric or drawing a pattern. I am talking about pre-singed rosette petals, pre-cut yoga mat bag pieces, and small cardboard pieces ready to be transformed into miniature books. I prepare these materials with no particular end result or deadline in mind. I cut, leave them about, and then cut some more. Due to this recent development, only about half of my craft room floor is visible.

And because I was feeling a little bit sorry for my floor, I decided to make something, anything.

I made a belt:

And here’s how I made it!

DIY Satin Rosette Belt Materials:

1 – satin strip, 2 inches x desired length. The length is completely up to you, but I suggest that you measure half of your waistline and add 2-3 inches to both ends. Don’t forget a 1/2-inch allowance for all sides.

1 – interfacing strip, 1 inch x desired length. No allowance.

A good number of oval-shaped satin pieces. 

2 ribbon strips, 20 inches long. Can be the same color as your satin fabric or in a complementary hue. 


1. Singe the circumference of the oval pieces. Be careful. Don’t burn your fingers. Don’t burn your house down.


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