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tutorial: basic rectangular tote

What? Another tutorial? Yes, another tutorial because I felt rather guilty about the previous one. It lacked the typical number of photos I include in my standard craft/sewing tutorials and simply didn’t look right. So here we are.¬†This one is for a very easy DIY bag.

(Disclaimer: I am sure you’ve read and seen tutorials like this before. There is nothing new here, to be honest. But I took photos, had the pieces for the bag ready, and felt like making a bag tutorial. For a change.)

Rectangle shape + dots =


Dotted fabric for outer part of bag (top 12″ x bottom 14″ x sides 16″), lining in checkered pattern¬†(top 12″ x bottom 14″ x sides 16″), short dotted strip for pockets (14″ x 6″), long dotted strip for straps (3″ x 18″)

Cut two of each piece, not including the short strip. Don’t forget allowances.

You will also need zipper that will fit the opening of your bag (i.e. a little over 12″).


1. Sew your straps. Turn inside out and top stitch.

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