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tutorial: waterfall or peplum or high-low kimono top

If current style trends had some sort of an orgy and said event resulted in an offspring, this top would be it.

Materials: 1.5 meters of pretty satin in jewel tone, contrasting bias tape, bias tape in matching color to the satin, around 120 inches of cording cut into 4 pieces.

A – Base of your neck to 1 inch below your under bust.

B – Length of your sleeve from one end of one arm to the other. Mine was 37 inches in total. Measure shoulder to shoulder and add twice the desired length of your sleeves.

C – Same as B.

D – This is the front waistband. Measure 2 inches.

E – Measure around your body, 1 inch below your under bust. E is half of this measurement.

F – Same as E.

G – Same as A.

H – Mark the center of B. From this point, to opposite directions, mark your neckhole. Mine was 10 inches so I measured from the center, 5 inches to both sides. H is the measurement from these neckhole points to the ends of the sleeves.

I – Half of C minus 1 inch.

J – Diagonal line from end of H to end of I.

K – 2 inches.

L – Half of D minus 1 inch.

M – Same as L.

N – Waistband to desired length of peplum tail. This would be the longest points of the peplum and will hang from the back. For my peplum, the shortest length was 6″ while N was 12″

O – Circular waistline but minus 2 inches along the longest peplum. To get your O, refer to THIS TUTORIAL.

Note: 1/2-inch allowance all around for all pieces. 

I realize at this point that this may be one of my more complicated tutorials. Well, we shouldn’t give up; soldier on!


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here and there

I believe this.

And so despite all the “new work busy-ness,” I managed to prepare three tutorials for the blog. Tomorrow, I shall post the tutorial for this top:

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