tutorial: light drape cardigan

Drastic changes in temperature drive me insane. Stepping outside an airconditioned mall to the taxi  stand will have me sweating seven ways to Sunday. Conversely, if I step inside a freezing room from somewhere warm, my tummy will do sommersaults. Or I’ll get a migraine.

Because I seem to have an old lady’s body, I needed a light cardigan. I made a DIY cardigan, of course. This DIY light cardigan is just the right garment for keeping my body from going berserk. Bonus: this can be a great DIY beach cover-up, too.



1. Take one of your loose shirts and copy it’s size. From the tip of the sleeves, simply make a curve to the hem, as shown by the illustrations above.

2. The length is entirely up to you. If you wish to make a beach cover-up, though, I suggest that  you go long.

3. The front pieces are basically half pieces of the back panel but with added flaps. These flaps will give your cardigan that drape effect. The size of the flap is entirely up to you but I suggest that these be more than 12 inches from the middle point.



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so i wrote a song

This was the kind of project that gripped your mind and would not let go. This was the kind of project that I knew I just had to do before I find myself looking for fabric stores in the middle of the night. Because before I made this drape cardigan, I often found myself drifting off and sewing it in my head. It didn’t matter what I was doing — eating, working, sleeping; I kept sewing this in my head.

This was THAT kind of project.

And so, against the boyfriend’s wishes (because I’m sick again boo), I went out to buy fabric. I came home with some stretchy rayon type. I came home with this song in my head:

Oh rayon, will you leave me crying.

Oh rayon, you’re the kind of fabric

That could just make me sick.

Oh rayon, will you hate my machine.

And turn me into a killing machine.

Or something like that. Why? Because my no-brand sewing machine doesn’t want to have anything to do with stretchy fabrics. This is why my sewing adventures have been limited, for lack of a better word. But since I was in a “go big or go bust” state of mind, I ended up with this rather pricey fabric.

Thankfully, life often rewards “go big or go bust” efforts.

Not only do I have a drape cardigan that I can wear several ways, I even got extra fabric for a simple halter top.

And yeah, I also realized that my machine has minimal problems with stretchy fabrics as long as they are the thick kind. And I go slowly. Like, frustraaaaaatingly slow.

Anywoodlewho, I’m cooking up a tutorial for this drape cardigan; will publish first week of March.


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