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it’s beginning to look a lot like…

I’ve been craft blogging for many years but I just realized that I have made only four Christmas-themed tutorials. And 3 of them I created only a month or so ago. DIY blogging fail heh.

(Click on buttons to see the tutorials)

 [button style="red large flat" link="http://boredandcrafty.com/?p=3411" target="_blank" ] DIY Rosette Christmas Tree [/button]

[button style="red large flat" link="http://boredandcrafty.com/?p=5438" target="_blank" ] DIY Paper Doily Garland[/button]

 [button style="red large flat" link="http://boredandcrafty.com/?p=5410" target="_blank" ] DIY Christmas Village Mountain[/button]

 [button style="red large flat" link="http://boredandcrafty.com/?p=5234" target="_blank" ] DIY Gilded Cupcake Liner Wreath[/button]