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tutorial: DIY paper lamp hot air balloon mobile

I have been thinking of making a DIY paper pendant lamp shade hot air balloon mobile for months. Unfortunately, for months, I felt that I didn’t have the right materials to come up with what I had envisioned the hot air balloon to look like. But things have a habit of falling into place. And that is exactly what happened when I went to a local school supply store and bought THESE, when Wholeport sent me THESE jewelry-making materials, and when I bought fabric from Momiji Crafts and she gave me THIS red lovely freebie.


So, this:

To make your own DIY pendant lamp hot air balloon mobile, you will need the following:


tutorial: night sky jackstone mobile

The past couple of weeks were pretty good weeks for making things. But not much for anything else. Such is life.

For this week’s tutorial, I give you another way to craft with childhood toys. If you were to give me a few moments of honesty here, I will admit that I am surprised that I have been able to stick to this series for this long. I know I’ve only made three things so far but considering my track record as far as lists and plans are concerned, three is great… nay, ASTOUNDING. My name is Meream. I am lazy and I have short attention span. 

So. What were we talking about?

Right. Last weekend, over breakfast, I asked my boyfriend about how I can go about making a cardboard moon look a lot like, you know, the moon. He suggested using wall putty and acrylic paints in various colors. I replied with a “Hmmm…” And because the boyfriend knows what my “Hmmm…” means, he offered to help.

And today, we learn how to make a moon+stars mobile using cardboard and jackstone pieces:

Night Sky Jackstone Mobile Materials/Tools:


tutorial: DIY pick-up sticks sunburst mirror

I was supposed to post this tutorial last night but my internet connection was all like “MUHAHAHAHA! YOU CAN’T!”

So anyway, this is the second installment to my CRAFTING WITH CHILDHOOD TOYS series. This time, I made a sunburst mirror using pick-up sticks. Pick-up sticks are also called jackstraws. If you don’t know how to play this game (gosh, how young ARE you?) or you’ve forgotten how, here is a helpful page from Wiki.