a mini story

  • I have a series of crafts that I cannot wait to share with you guys. For one of these projects, I require the use of plastic toy farm animals. I got a set from a local mall and when I opened the packaging at home, I got this tiny surprise.
  • He ran straight to my miniature sewing room. He looks quite at home so I’ll let him stay; I have many other animals to choose from for my project.
  • The boyfriend and I had a discussion this morning about whether this little guy truly is a cat. He looks like a Siamese-tabby mix, doesn’t he? Or a monkey-cat.

  • During the same mall trip, the boyfriend picked up paintbrushes. Stashed in a glass jar near the acrylic paint counters were these miniature measuring tapes.
  • I simply had to buy the teapot one. It was kismet.

  • You know the single great thing about a mall that’s undergoing renovation? They do lots of sales.
  • I got this plain mini Micky Mouse for a little over $2. It’s the kind that you paint or design yourself.


Which leads us to the question of the day: Would I ever stop buying things simply because they’re cute? If you answered NO, you’re correct.

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lucky, still

Because there is nothing like receiving sweet gifts during a truly crappy week.

Something my sister painted for me:

(Dear sister, I love this painting. It calms me. I shall hang it in my office because I don’t want to share it with the world. Also, I am glad that you’re painting again. I took up  drawing as a kid because you were so good at it. Who knows, I might follow in your footsteps once more now that we’re already adults.)

Miniature lovelies and stickers from Krissy:

(Dear Krissy, these mini treats are as sweet as you. They look perfect in the Alcott Study, don’t they?)

And this solar lamp and funny book from Chin, Slayer of Krakens:

(Dear Mistress Kraken-Slayer, Uzi LOOOOVES the lamp. Did I tell you that he’s obsessed with all things illumination? The book is very funny and precious, too. Thank you.)


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i’ve got another confession to make

(I’m your fool.)


The confession is that I buy cheap watches on eBay. I’m talking about brand new pieces from US stores (e.g. Kohl’s). They’re sold here for about $10 or so probably because they’re from several seasons ago. Purchasing these cheap watches is not my most sensible consumerist principle considering that they never last more than two years. But I don’t mind. Why? Because as soon as the battery of these watches conk out, I get to add “clocks” to my miniature stash.

You see, I have this plan to make a miniature room or store with walls covered in clocks.

And this was supposed to be that room/store: 

This room box is made of  popsicle sticks, an old frame, cardboard, and scrabble tile racks. I made the floor using the scrabble tile racks as foundation and then added the popscile sticks as flooring. I then glued the white plastic frame perpendicular to the floor. The back wall and ceiling are cardboard.

Structurally and aesthetically speaking, this looks like an acceptable clock store. With the ornate frame window display, Victorian wallpaper, and filigree-like chandelier, any merchant can sell clocks from this spot. The miniature drawer looks perfect in it, too.

Now you might wonder why I’m writing this as if I have already made other plans for this room. That’s because I have. I think. I was taking these photos and for no apparent reason, placed a miniature white swing in it. The boyfriend walks by and says, “That looks creepy.” Something clicked in my head and I began entertaining the the thought of turning this room box into a haunted room.


So right now, I’m leaning towards the haunted room idea. Besides, I still need a good number of eBay purchases to be able to achieve a wonderfully insane miniature clock store look.

Another confession: I love eBay shopping!

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