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I’ve been craft blogging for many years but I just realized that I have made only four Christmas-themed tutorials. And 3 of them I created only a month or so ago. DIY blogging fail heh.

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 [button style="red large flat" link="" target="_blank" ] DIY Rosette Christmas Tree [/button]

[button style="red large flat" link="" target="_blank" ] DIY Paper Doily Garland[/button]

 [button style="red large flat" link="" target="_blank" ] DIY Christmas Village Mountain[/button]

 [button style="red large flat" link="" target="_blank" ] DIY Gilded Cupcake Liner Wreath[/button]

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DIY tutorial: make a gilded coconut macaroon or cupcake liner wreath

Another fun fact about The Philippines: September 1 is the start of the Christmas season. If you go to the malls on the first of September, you will be bombarded with Christmas songs on endless loop.

This used to drive me moderately bonkers but this year, I decided not to resist the attacks of crafting inspiration. And so I made a holiday wreath to commemorate this years series (fingers crossed!) of Christmas crafts. This is a DIY craft project that is not only simple, it’s also quite easy on the pockets. And oh, it’s gilded, too.

Hope you like it!

Here are the materials you need for this holiday craft project:

coconut macaroon liners or cupcake liners in plain color, glue gun with glue stick, 2 meters of shimmery white or gold ribbon, gold nail polish, pencil, scissors, and cardboard


1. Cut a cardboard circle. Outer diameter should be at least 10 inches and the width, 1 inch. Use cutter or Xacto knife for the middle round cut-out.

2. Cut your ribbon in half. Fold one half and glue the ends to one section of your cardboard circle. This will serve as your DIY wreath string/strap

3. Start gluing your liners to the cardboard. Fold one liner in half and place a dot of glue inside. Flatten and then hot glue to the cardboard. Start from the section where you glued the ribbon. Layer more liners on, following the direction of your cardboard circle. Stop in the middle of your circle’s bottom, right across the ribbon strap. Continue gluing liners to the other side starting from the ribbon area.

4. Place folded liner underneath where your circle liners meet, right on top of the ribbon.


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