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  • Here is another fun fact about our country: we have beautiful beaches. Which basically means that we thrive on tourism. And charging tourists crazy amounts for souvenirs. Thankfully, my city started a program where tourists and locals alike can enjoy local products at their most reasonable prices.
  • I got this vintage-y wooden car from the last city-organized fair. Another dust-gatherer, you ask? Well, yes. I like having dust-gatherers that can help me with stylized craft shoots. Example:

  • This is a photo that accompanied the popsicle stick chandelier/shade tutorial that I submitted to Design*Sponge. It got featured yesterday!

  • Finally got around to making rosettes out of the pre-cut fabric petals I mentioned a few posts ago.

  • Some of the rosettes above will be sewn onto satin belts.
  • OR….

  • …be transformed into fascinators (for brides, flapper girls, and other headpiece-wearin’ sassy ladies).


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PS – Hello to those who have only stumbled upon this blog. And a big hug to my old blogfriends. 

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that yellow house

Funny story: One morning, while we were having coffee, the boyfriend told me about his dream the night before. He said that Angelina Jolie visited our house. Apparently, our house was a cafe. Angelina’s taste, in the boyfriend’s dreamworld, was low-key; she liked casual, kitschy, and Bohemian places. He also called her Angie.

My reply: Huh. That sounds like our house all right.

(I did not tease him about the dream. He is not a fan of Angelina. The boyfriend thinks that Brad Pitt is more beautiful than the actress.)

So this is what our yellow house looks like today. 

You know those inns or stores that look straight out of the Kitsch Fairy’s imagination? You know, those places that at first glance, you find interesting but then you tell yourself that you could never live in a house like it. THAT is our yellow house.

We enjoy those kitschy places as much as the next person but unlike most people, we actually never want to leave. In fact, we often find ourselves pointing at things and asking, “I wonder if they’ll sell us that.” or “Where did they find these?”

So this is our yellow house. Whenever my mother is in town, she insists that we hire a cleaning lady to help us dust our dust-gathering dust-gatherers. I say we don’t need one. If the place is clean enough for Angelina, it’s clean enough for us.


Ahh, it’s good to be back. We had a virus outbreak and had to lay low for a while.

Hi! Give me a hug; don’t worry, I’m virus-free. 

I’ve also been catching up on Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston is delightful to watch. 

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big girl toys + links

  • Remember when I said that there are not that many craft adventures that the boyfriend and I can do together? We recently added “draw and write” to the short list. And by that, I mean I write and he draws.
  • He made the illustrations above for a post I wrote on Hanging Rice >> THE 9 PEOPLE YOU MEET AT A CEBU CAFE
  • Incidentally, when the boyfriend and I met, it was in a company where I wrote and he drew.

  • When we first met, I lived with my sister and a few other friends. Our (my sister’s, really) cat then was this orange tabby named Ty. This is him now; a grumpy and spoiled old cat.

Moss crafts!

DIY Sunnies!

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