tutorial: night sky jackstone mobile

The past couple of weeks were pretty good weeks for making things. But not much for anything else. Such is life.

For this week’s tutorial, I give you another way to craft with childhood toys. If you were to give me a few moments of honesty here, I will admit that I am surprised that I have been able to stick to this series for this long. I know I’ve only made three things so far but considering my track record as far as lists and plans are concerned, three is great… nay, ASTOUNDING. My name is Meream. I am lazy and I have short attention span. 

So. What were we talking about?

Right. Last weekend, over breakfast, I asked my boyfriend about how I can go about making a cardboard moon look a lot like, you know, the moon. He suggested using wall putty and acrylic paints in various colors. I replied with a “Hmmm…” And because the boyfriend knows what my “Hmmm…” means, he offered to help.

And today, we learn how to make a moon+stars mobile using cardboard and jackstone pieces:

Night Sky Jackstone Mobile Materials/Tools:


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