tutorial: mr. mustache man wall art

I’ve had this DIY wall art in my draft folder for weeks. I don’t know why I didn’t publish this sooner since it’s probably one of my favorites among my very short list of handmade home decor projects.

For those interested, I give you a tutorial for making this DIY mustache wall art. I hope you find it useful or that it inspires you to create your own Mr. Mustache Man craft project!

Materials/tools: Piece of wood (rectangular is best), floral fabric, hot glue, staple gun, faux leather in black, scissors


1. Using the staple gun, cover your wood with the fabric. Make sure that you end up with a flat working area.

2. Take a piece of faux leather and fold. Slowly cut a mustache, starting from the middle.  (THIS is a basic template.  Download and cut.)


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cute printed things

  • A shift dress I made yesterday. This comes with a long story but I had to include this here because of them cute hippos.
  • This is an Ikea fabric and I’ve used some of it for THIS SKIRT.

  • While trying to figure out how to sew the collar for the hippo dress above, I took out this pillow case dress I made more than a year ago. Then I fell in love with the prints all over again.
  • If you assume that I haven’t worn this dress in a very long time, your assumption is correct.
And because you assumed right, I give you a sneak peek of my next tutorial:

- Mr. Mustache Man was inspired by THESE.

- Art prints of cute animals looking cute while reading. Seriously, animals reading = ADORABLE.

-  FREE FONTS! (Well, some are sorta free). They’re beautiful.

- Four words to live by.

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