how to make jeans tighter in 4 easy steps

Shopping for jeans is extremely frustrating. Finding a pair that perfectly accommodates your hips, waist, and leg length is next to impossible. And the thousand trips to a fitting room that has no locks (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, ROBINSON’S MALL, FUENTE!) don’t help the quest to find the ideal pair.

Because I’m short, I always have my jeans shortened at the mall. Yes, I could buy smaller, (hence, shorter) jeans, but my butt, hips, and waist have an aversion to size 24 jeans. Often, I end up buying a pair that’s perfect on the waist but baggy everywhere else. This is the case for the last three pairs I bought.

So I did some research on making jeans tighter. It seems that a hot wash and long drying time combo works perfectly. I have no access to a drier or washing machine. I turned to Lorelai for help.

1. Fit your jeans. Estimate how many inches tighter the legs should be.

DSC_8098.jpg picture by miwiyam


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how to turn jeans into a skirt

This is very easy. The difficult part is protecting your ripper and your sewing machine from the thick fabric.

The lucky pair of jeans that I reconstructed was this:

IMG_4675.jpg picture by miwiyam

I bought this more than five years ago. It’s large not because I lost weight. It doesn’t fit me well because when I was still an undergrad I had no idea how to buy a pair of jeans that hugged my legs in all the right places.



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