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tutorial: DIY single stem rosette necklace

Once upon a time, there was a girl who worked from home (hint: the girl is me). One night, while she was in the middle of chasing deadlines, she decided to take a short break. But since her office is also her craft room, her break consisted of twiddling with some craft materials. The short break turned into a jewelry-making session. She waved to her work deadline goodbye and spent the rest of the night perfecting the jewelry idea that she thought of quite randomly. She lived happily ever after but her savings account didn’t.


Well, not really THE end because I have a tutorial here for that jewelry. Today, we make a single stem rosette necklace. There is something quite unyielding about the name, isn’t there? But let’s leave it.

Alright, to make a DIY single stem rosette necklace, you will need the following:

candle, craft glue, felt, satin circles, crochet yarn (green), chain, peal bead, jump rings, lobster clasp, 1 floral wire, large and small needles, black thread

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tutorial: falling petals jewelry

While lusting over classy jewelry on Etsy, I came across metal earrings in a petal chain style. Lust turned to love. Due to budgetary constraints and shipping limitations, I decided to try to make jewelry similar to the pair I saw. I used satin rosette petals (because I’m drowning in ‘em satin thingies).

Materials: jump rings, a pair of earring hooks, satin cut in oval or round shapes. You will also need a candle and scissors.

1. Make sure that the satin pieces for either ear are somewhat similar in size or shape. Singe the circumference of said pieces.

2. Fold in the middle and make a tiny round cut using your scissors.  Still holding the folded piece, place it near the flame to singe the hole. BE VERY CAREFUL.

3. Your first petal should have two holes, located in the south and north sections. The bottom petal should have only one hole, by the top.

4. Make a petal chain using jump rings.

5. Attach to the earring hooks.

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